February 25th, 2019

Digital Imprinting and Booking Evaluation Approaches to Get to the Trial Run & Start a Geese Procession

I think everyone will find this email exchange I had with Pat and Delene Goode to be very informative, encouraging and useful information to help everyone get out of the proverbial chicken coop. This is how we start a geese procession!

Here is a great example of a UFO dedicated to starting a Geese procession and imprinting right that is basically starting from scratch learning it by doing it. In order to assist they report back their experiences (the only real learning is experiential) of exactly what happened or video it or audio record it without anyone really knowing as they just turn the phone on and let it run.  This allows us to hear exactly what happened and allow us to tweak it or adjust what is said or done.  They send it to Elizabeth Weber and I to review and coach.  As you can see they are doing a great job and have follow-ups and are meeting again with a very credible couple and getting them to have people evaluate it to see if they know the right people.  Obviously we can ‘t do this with everyone in the business, but we select a group that have attended our orientation and training on it,  made the commitment and are filling out accountability reports and Elizabeth or I get on the phone at some of the meeting in the follow up or doing the 3 way calls with a Bio and them and the new qualifying possibility (New person using the evaluation approach and calling people to evaluate it to see if they know the right people). We always try to have the sponsor and/or the person inviting them on the phone as well who knows them.  We have already discussed the reason that they are calling the possibility that will make sense to them.

However, Goode’s are doing great and proceeding from A to B level with 3 UFO’s inviting people and they have several more ready to put in the bean jar and shake it up.  They have their list of 100 and do 2 per week. And every time one of them agrees to a trial run that is another 300 possibilities out of which they will do 100 the first year by doing 2 evaluation approach calls per week personally. Remember though, we do not push for that list until after they had 3 meeting and had some people they know best evaluate it (we usually go through 10 to 20 in the first 2 weeks).  We do whatever it takes to get to their people to evaluate it, whether we have to do 3 ways or even stop by to see them in person together. In this case Goode’s are strong enough and experienced enough to make the initial calls on their own.

I am very proud of them! 

Elizabeth Weber has nearly 40 people doing this, and I have 20 myself and we are hands on, guiding it and participating weekly. Ultimately, we come in and work the pattern for a week in a leg that has a goose procession taking off and about ready to fly and imprinting correctly.

CLICK HERE to download the short video/audio of the opening of the meeting through the 2-3-year plan and the no decision close moving into evaluation approaches to start a trial run. The email thread below has our conversation and coaching.  This is what it takes to get it started doing it the right way.

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger





Special Message from Pat and Delene Goode:

JR, Elizabeth and Andrew and Loren,

Delene and I just wanted to tell you how much we have appreciated all of your support since the U4 experience. The journey so far has been an incredible experience and we both are looking forward continuing our path to becoming GEESE.

As JR had always told us from the beginning of this process, one of his biggest concerns was that he couldn’t guarantee our success with the no decision close and trial run technique because he couldn’t do it with us, meaning the experience of imprinting with him in the homes, meetings and follow ups physically alongside with us.

As we have experienced since U4 we have had great success and great failures along the way but always trying to improve, tweak and grow with each meeting.

When JR, Andrew and Loren were in the UK last month Lenny Allen posted a Facebook live video of one of your HBP opening and when I watched it the first time, I was transformed into that living room digitally and felt as though I was with you all. I must have watched that video 100 times so far and it hit me like that billionth volt that this might be the tool we could use to actually digitally imprint from you.

In an effort to learn, grow and become a goose Delene and I practiced and finally tried to duplicate what that video imprinted on us at our HBP tonight. Could you all please watch this video (link below) and tell us what you think and if we are on the right track? We are looking for honest and feedback, coaching tips so we can get better at the no decision open/close.

Video: https://we.tl/t-49l4tag0Ct

Video Details: the first 8 minutes was the opening discussion before we showed the plan. The next 4 minutes was the close after the plan.

I know that so many people were totally blown away at MAWC2019 with the chickens, ducks and Geese segments and so many light bulbs went off that weekend, I told you already that the energy, was electric but as you said so many times, unless we can feel the edge of the ski or snowboard and experience it at least once, it will be hard to do or the success rate won’t be as high until we feel or experience it ourselves and we certainly won’t be good at it without many experiences.

I know both Delene and I would love to see more of these small segments with you actually doing 5-10-minute segments of the plan or how you do the close of an HBP or how you conduct the meeting after the meeting. The video of what we did tonight could be proof of concept that we actually could help the field with digital imprinting? as training tool. Just a thought. We are looking forward to your thoughts and comments as we are a work in progress and having fun doing it! We love you guys.

Best Regards,
Pat and Delene Goode



My Reply to Pat and Delene Goode:

Pat and Delene,

This is good. There is definitely nothing wrong with it. What I need to know is what were the results. They seemed to be agreeing with you. You repeated the evaluation and I decision close three times so I am sure they heard it LOL. So how did that convert or transition into showing it to some people for or through them to see if they know the right people?

The question is always: did anyone want you to or allow you to show it to people?That’s the objective to get the pattern started and that is what determines if they qualify after electing the 2-3-year plan. This time they did and that is stellar – we will see if they get their people to look – I guess at their house.  Remember a good experience will always happen out of 8 tries but you will also have flops which only means they did not qualify and YOU DID NOT WASTE YOUR TIME FOR 3 MONTHS OR MORE LIKE U DID IN THE PAST.  1 out of 5000 applicants get into Harvard.  But those who qualify always make 6 figures or lead to the person who does!!! So, there are no bad or disappointing results when u do it this way!

So, when you booked that follow up on the video — At their house or location is best but anywhere they will meet works.  If they don’t have anyone that is fine and means they need help calling, so do it with them while you are there with them or do 3 ways as soon as possible and set an appointment to do it. Always remember though – If this was the 1st time that they are seeing it – they have to see it a 2nd time that is consistent with what you said and is logical. So, we can’t push too hard to have people there at 2nd look, but insinuate that it is ok and a good move like you did. (you did it well). So, when it comes to booking a follow up and they don’t volunteer to invite people – we need to always make sure we get the follow up set up first.

I ask them by giving them a choice between 2 things (nights) you want and they need. “I have Wednesday and Friday night open — which do you prefer?  It’s just to go over again a 2nd time and answer your questions —which do you prefer? Wed or Fri and shut up until they answer!  sometimes I ask what are u doing on those nights 1st to clear the night so they can’t say they have something else.  When I see them at the follow up – I show the 5 steps of the plan again and ask if they have questions and what they like most about it. WHAT DID YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT IT?

I ask them who they know that may know the right people or be interested themselves?  Sometimes I have to prompt then to trigger their mind  with examples of who might be good.

Now sat night is tonight (the night you said the follow up is) and I hope they have people there-  if they don’t  – that’s fine – it only means they were not ready and you need to help them-  create more confidence and belief in the plan and people and company – leave them with a video at convention or something to go back to- but focus on the people they know that MIGHT KNOW THE RIGHT PEOPLE — make sure that’s the reason they are being invited or asked to see it – so there is no pressure on the people they got to look to have people evaluate it.  I help them come up with a reason each person is being called to evaluate it and why they may know the right people and that would make sense to the person being called.

That is one of the most important lines – that I am clear and pointed on.

So, it is almost funny or a circular Conversation because everyone is evaluating it 1 to 3 times to see if they know the right people and then we are doing the same with the people they invite and we book follow ups and do the same thing with the people they invite or get to evaluate it.  As they invite people and they get people to evaluate it on a, b and c level they start talking like they are in and want to do it.  The key is bringing them with you and making them be involved in all the follow up sessions and trial run appointments or meetings and they are learning the plan and helping — they are in mentally usually by then and qualifying themselves — they often ask when they can sign up — doesn’t really matter does it – as long as they lead to people who are getting people to evaluate it!

However in the process I feed them material, get them to try product, and if there is a UPB or local seminar – I will take them with me so they can meet and talk to other people doing it and succeeding. Bringing them is much better than inviting them and increases their comfort level, imprints, and guarantees they show up!  It also sets the example for your other people. Do not hesitate to arrange to get other UFO success stories like Elizabeth, Andrew, even Carl (using their story to create credibility and belief to your benefit!) If they have been in MLM or NWM or know people I tell them not to talk to them, that someone with experience will and we need to save them (LOL). I love that line!

If there is a UBP or local I would BRING them whenever possible. 100% of people you being show up and all of this stuff IMPRINTS!

A note or two on the other UFO’s you had there- first, your new person often doesn’t know if they are in or not and it is a benefit when they respond positively. That is a huge influence. Working in small teams is magical. So, one thing u can point out to them in that you said the ones who cancelled made rescheduled appointment – is they rescheduled and advise your UFO’s who invited them to arrange to pick them up if possible and bring them! That works 50% of the time and guarantees they show up!

Keeping in mind that the entire purpose of this entire exercise is to get them to lead to people- it often works or helps to offer to go see these people with them (your inviting UFO partner) and (tell the possibility you guys are going to be in their area). If you can pull that off – we may not show the entire plan – maybe 2-3 vs 45 and overview – it doesn’t matter – whatever works – they don’t remember the plan anyway at this point- but then I suggest to them that they bring some people with them and invite them.  I write them a little script as to what to say (cheat sheet) and that they should tell them they met you and you can explain it and are setting it up in the area so that they do not get drilled with questions!  That way the 1st time they see it they may have 1 or 2 people there.  That works 25% of the time. There are a lot of little tweaks and tricks like this you pick up and use as you start to FEEL It!

You did great and got the follow-up and I hope it goes well!

There is a lot of teaching here and you demonstrated doing it and the beginning of imprinting a new success pattern—that is monumental.  Even if you have to do it 8 times to get 1 or 2 patterns going – that’s all you need to make 6 figures. REMEMBER THAT! I AM PROUD OF YOU!!! Great job!

Keep Growing!



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