March 18th, 2019

Dennis Franks: Earning Your Way to International Convention

Team, I’d like to share with you a special guest post from Market America | SHOP.COM Executive Vice President Dennis Franks, filled with some great business building info and inspiration. Be sure to share this with your team because this is something everyone will benefit from reading as we build towards #MAIC2019! 

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger 

Special Message from Dennis Franks:

We all know there is a cost to success and that success is something you always pay for in advance. We all have to keep in mind that our success is based on the success of others, so we have to build success stories, retain our existing UFOs by showing financial progress and sponsor new UFOs quarterly to keep distribution growing. I want to share with you how we built Market America in the beginning with very little capital to fund the company and its growth. It is very similar to most of our Unfranchise Owners because we are all looking to improve our financial position and do not have unlimited funds to spend for this endeavor. We have to see the results to keep focus on our course to reach our goals. A simple win that we can all take part in, is earning our way to the upcoming International Convention August 8-11, 2019 in Greensboro North Carolina. Some call this a garden spot, others call it a nice small town. I call it “The Market America Mecca”,the home of one of the greatest American success stories. Let’s set a plan of action in place to make it to Greensboro, NC this year and have your business profits pay for it. Let’s assume today is March 20th, 2019

Begin by calculating the general expenses to attend International Convention.

  1. Ticket $200
  2. Transportation $100-$1,300 depending on driving 200 miles or flying 8000 miles from Taipei to Greensboro; calculate your cost of transportation
  3. Hotel Accommodations (cost $150 per night room nights 4, total $600) Consider if you will room with someone, maybe two can reduce cost of accommodations in half or to a third)
  4. Food $60 per day or $240 ( $60 a day taken from national per diem charts)
  5. Rental Car ( Optional or split costs) or Uber fares. Move to Miscellaneous expenses
  6. Daily parking $60
  7. Miscellaneous $150

Estimated cost for attending the International Convention – $1300-$2500 depending on where you are coming from.

Let’s take our example of “earning your way” and put it to a time period say from April 1-July 31, Our goal is$1300/4 = $325 a month or $2500/4=$625

Now, we have to identify your MA Major and what are the 3-4 products, or service you are going to offer or currently selling in your business. Have to discuss this based on an example.

Health and Nutrition example breakdown

  • Daily Essentials Kit code 6496 UC $55 SR &77 BV 40 GRP $22
  • Value Size OPC-3 code 13009 UC 54.75 SR 71.95 BV 43.50 GRP 17.20
  • Vitamin D CODE 13071 UC 24.50 SR 33.50 BV 18 GRP 9
  • Omega 3 code 13893 UC 26.95 SR 36.95 BV 20 GRP 10

Let’s talk numbers to earn an extra $325 a month for four months or $1500 to pay your way to the International Convention.

If you just sold Daily Essential Packets earning $20 per sale, it would take $325/20 or it would take selling 17 boxes a monthor one box every day and a half. This would also if activated generate 680 BVa month and you would earn an additional $300 commisison

If that purchase of was a Daily Essentials Packets, and a 30 day supply of Omega 3’s it would total $30 in profit or you would have to sell 11 people per month. This would also generate 660 BVa month or in four months you will have earned a $300 commission. (If Activated)

If it was a Box if Daily Essentials plus a value size bottle of OPC-3 the GRP would be $37.20 and 83 BV you would need 9 people purchasing a month. This would also generate 747 BV each month and if activated, you would earn a minimum of a $300 commission.

Now if you got one person to join you in earning their way to convention on the left to do this ( 747BV ) and one person on the right to do this for 4 months, you would earn an extra $900 in Commissions.

TLS Weight Loss Solution:

  • TLS Core  Code 6462 UC 52.95 SR $73.50 BV 40 GRP $20
  • TLS Trim Tea CODE 6610 UC 28.50 SR 39.95 BV 20 11.45
  • TLS Trim Café’
  • TLS ACTS Code 6460 UC $46.50 SR $64.50 36   GRP $20
  • TLS CLA CODE 6428 UC 35.50 SR 49.95 BV22 GRP 14.45
  • TLS 21 DAY CHALLENGE KIT code 21 day, UC 150 SR 199.00 BV 70 GRP 49

This is my favorite using the TLS weight loss solution. I like the combination of TLS Core and TLS CLA as a combination for weight loss plus the rapid results menu plan.  It is a GRP of $35 and 62 BV. 325/35 equals 10 customers per month. That is $350 in GRP plus 620 BV or over 4 months you would earn $300 in commissionsif you were activated.

You can sale TLS 21 Day challenge Kits earning $49 on each. You would have to start seven new Customers a month. The BV per Kit is 70. That is an extra 490 BV a month.

You could sell three boxes of Trim tea with the Trim Tea menu plan for $120 earn $33 in GRP and 60 bv. You would need ten new customers a month. 

Motives Cosmetics and Skin Care

If you’re looking to fill your funnel with prospects, while having fun and making immediate income in a natural, organic progression, you’ll absolutely want to leverage our Hostess Incentive Program – Party with Me, $100 for free!  As we all know, building a solid team takes time and we want to make sure we are spending our time with Qualified prospects in a duplicatable process.

With this Incentive Program, you can use all of the tools provided in our Media Index to set yourself up for success in hosting any one of our 3 duplicatable events: Beauty Basics, All About Skin, It’s Your Time to Shine.  You have access to an event guideline and an attendee packet of information for each of these events. 

Keep in mind, the average sales at one of these events with 8-10 guests is $1,000. Of which, about 30% will be immediate retail profit. That is an average of $300 profit. If you commit to doing 1 event per month over the next 4 months, you would earn $1,200 just in retail profit! If you want or need to kick it in high gear to maximize your trip and profitability, then conducting an event every other week (2 per month) would double your retail profit to $2,400. If you want to be consistent and help your team do the same, we recommend selecting 1 night per week to be designated for events. Help your team mates and have even more fun and success in working together!

So lets all make it a goal to keep things simple and duplicatable and pair it with our commitment to our own success. In scheduling 1-2 events per month you’ll not only have the opportunity to earn enough retail profit to fund your next trip to MAIC, but you’ll have met dozens of people who you may have never known before! In utilizing the hostess incentive program, you’ll also be booking event to event, scheduling 1 on 1 consultations, closing sales, and having guests simply evaluate the plan. 


Whether you are majoring in WebCenters or not, leveraging the WebCenter division is a great way to create the cash flow necessary to earn your way to International Convention.  The system is built upon setting demo appointments with the product specialists who can sell the websites for you.  You simply need to identify potential business candidates who need to improve their online presence.  

The average retail profit for one website sale is $1,000. And the WebCenter Product Specialists sell more than 25% of their qualified appointments, which means that just 4 sales appointments would result in a website sale. 

Therefore, over the period of 4 months, a WebCenter Owner should set the goal of 1 website candidate appointment with maWebCenters Sales Specialists each week, which would result in at least 1 sale per month at $1,000/each. By being conservative with the activity goal, we could almost guarantee the necessary 2-3 website sales to create the $1,300 – $2,500 to fund your trip. 

I am sure you are understanding the action plan of earning your way to International Convention.  You just have to set your goals and a plan of action to make it happen. 

Coming from an International location, we have to up our efforts. (Goal of $2500) You will need to earn $625 a month for 4 months to make it happen. You have to adjust your numbers. In addition to the examples above, you can double your efforts in the number of customers you serve and you can add another Major/product line to the mix. Sell one web site a month through the WebCenter program earning $1000 per website sold to make enough capitol to fund your trip with plenty left over. It is unlimited in the combinations based on the scope of our product lines to make it happen, if your set your mind to it. You have the ability to make it, do you have the drive and ambition to execute the plan. That is up to you. Start your planning today, organize other UFOs who want to take on the challenge to liquidate your costs to attend the International Convention  August 8-11 in Greensboro, North Carolina.

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