June 19th, 2019

Crucial Tips to Ramp Up BV and IBV Before the Master UFO and SAMM Quarter Closes

Team, I’d like to take a moment to share with you a very important message from our Director of Business Integration Sarah Rose Stack, which provides UnFranchise Owners with some invaluable tips and insights as we approach the end of the SAMM quarter. Take some time to review this material with your team because it may be exactly what they need to see and experience to help them ramp up their BV & IBV before the Master UFO and SAMM quarter closes on June 30, 2019. Share these tips with your team and help everyone prosper!!!!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger 

Ways to ramp up BV, IBV and business building before the Master UFO and SAMM quarter closes on June 30,2019.

Master UFO
UnFranchise Owners may submit their Master UFO Program qualification criteria on UnFranchise.com.  Simply go to the Management Reports to locate the report called “Master UFO Program.” This report automatically populates information associated with the quarterly Master UFO criteria such as your product orders and sales, your personally sponsored UnFranchise Owners and your completed Shopping Annuity Assessment. 

Additional information such as the required trainings you have conducted and/or attended and tickets you have purchased for events must be manually submitted online. If you have not yet purchased your tickets to International Convention or your home country’s next major event, now is a good time to take action and position yourself for success and to meet the Q2 2019 Master UFO Criteria.When you satisfy The Master UFO Program’s quarterly criteria, you will be eligible to designate a second UnFranchise Owner for volume placement in accordance with the downline placement policy.  The second placement is awarded for each quarter that you qualify as a Master UFO.  If you do not qualify in the subsequent quarter, the second designated placement will be removed.


  • Check reports for BV and IBV targets.  Remember, you can satisfy these requirements with both personal orders and customer orders.  What have you run out of that needs to be replaced?  What customers have purchased products that may need to be reordered so they don’t run out.  Create an incremental plan for your personal use and have a solid follow up plan for your customers so that products are available before they run out.

  • Follow up with prospects. If you haven’t met your sponsorship requirement yet, now is a great time to follow up with everyone you have in the funnel.  Who has seen the plan and needs to be followed up with?  Who wanted to see the plan that maybe cancelled?  Who have they led to during trial runs?  By following up you can help connect the dots for your prospect and work toward personally sponsoring new business partners. The most effective way to follow up is to be specific and to plug prospects into a trial run so you lead to more people and have more candidates to work with. 

  • Purchase your 3 to MAIC.  Attending events is the most powerful way to accelerate your learning and effectiveness in the business.  It is also the best way to create leverage in your organization. 

  • Attend Trainings.  You must conduct or attend one Basic Five, one ECCT and one NUOT training during that calendar quarter.  These trainings are great refreshers but when you bring new UnFranchise Owners to these classes, you ensure your partners have a solid foundation. Who is new on your team that needs these classes? Reach out and coordinate time to attend them together.  

All around the world, UFOs who are implementing and duplicating the activities of a Shopping Annuity Master Member (SAMM) and duplicating SAMMs within their organization are experiencing tremendous results with increased BV, IBV and retail profits.   

You can check the progress of your SAMM status on the homepage of UnFranchise.com by checking the SAMM widget in your business center and also by visitng Management Reports and locating the “Shopping Annuity Master Member Report” 


  1. Don’t forget to complete or update the primary Shopping Annuity Assessment on UnFranchise.com 
  2. BV: The most effective way to fund your Shopping Annuity is to maximize the number of exclusively branded products you are using. There are thousands of products to choose from. It’s simple; for example, instead of buying a competitor’s brand of laundry detergent, buy your own exclusive brand. 
    • What have you run out of that needs to be replaced?  
    • What is on your shopping list that can be replaced with an exclusive product? 
    • Check out the product carousels on the homepage of UnFranchise.com for weekly BV product ideas 
    • Create an incremental plan for your personal use and maximize the number of exclusive products your household uses.  
  3. IBV: Understand the switch and look for better ways to redirect your spending to maximize the IBV generated.  Because this is a newer requirement, we will delve into this a little deeper:

Why switch to IBV target instead of dollar spend?
The purpose of switching from a dollar spend to an IBV target was to shift the focus to be on earning. It’s not just about redirecting our spending, but rather redirecting our spending for the biggest return (IBV).  When that is done, you earn more IBV and spend less money – which is the goal and big win of course.   But essentially, this is the whole reason we switched the focus of the SAMM program to be on IBV – because many UFOs were simply spending money at stores that offer low IBV (which is great for last minute orders or as a last resort) rather than finding the most IBV for their money.  We want people to earn more and that’s what this program is designed to drive.   

Here are some IBV “Go-Tos” to generate higher IBV:

  1. UF Travel on UnFranchise.com, click on “Ordering” and then “Travel”.  You can earn 11% IBV right away for hotels you book here.  These participating hotels actually offer better deals than other travel sites and they pay you the 11% IBV right away (instead of waiting to award credit when you take the trip).  Last week, I had to book a hotel for my son’s lacrosse tournament in Stowe VT.  I earned 49.5 IBV and saved $52 on a $450 hotel that I was going to book anyway.  That 49.5 IBV showed up in my SAMM report the next day!  (If you have any hotel needs for MAIC or other travel, I highly recommend checking here first as it can make a huge dent in your goal)

  2. eGift Cards on UnFranchise.com.  There are over 100 gift cards that offer 7-11% IBV and are delivered to your email instantly.  We buy $200 worth of Petco eGiftCards each month on UnFranchise (28 IBV) and then use those to buy our dog and cats monthly food at Petco through our website (offers 5% IBV, so that’s another 20 IBV).  Therefore, our pets generate a minimum of 48 IBV per month just on their food and litter – and again, we were going to buy it anyway. Also, Petco does in-store pickup which is a HUGE plus!  My fav eGiftCards that I’ve discovered and used this past quarter are: Dominos, Panera, Fandango, Athleta, Gap, and Olive Garden! I love discovering these (there are over 100 in UnFranchise!!) because I’m not spending a dollar more than what I would have – and I’m earning at least 7% IBV on those purchases.

  3. Shopping Annuity Brand products: Currently, there are 14 products with high IBV to choose from.  This line is growing at a rapid and more products are constantly being vetted and brought on). There are also still a few ma brands with IBV that remain availale including Choice Bars, LDV Hand and Body Creme, Skintelligence Cleanser, Fixx Shampoo & Conditioner). 

  4. Super IBV: Currently, there are products to choose from with high IBV.  The cool part about these drugstore type of products is that they are in our warehouse, so they ship with your regular orders and don’t have additional shipping charges.  Some of these products may take more than a month to go through, while others may take less than a month.  For example, we use more than one of the mouthwashes per month and our kids take about 3-4 weeks to go through the kids toothpaste.) 

  5. OneCarts: In addition, there are thousands of OneCart products including Rastellis, eGiftCards, IBV Essentials bundles, groceries, personal care items, cleaning supplies and more available on UnFranchise.com which offer competitive prices, low or free shipping and higher IBV.  We recently introduced major enhancements to UnFranchise.com to make it easier to find the right consumable products you need such as toilet paper, paper towels, storage bags, etc.  These products have all undergone intense review to ensure they are priced competitively, offer good shipping deals, have higher IBV and are considered the best choice by UnFranchise Owners.)

  6. SHOP.COM Partner Stores: There are thousands of partner stores, with practically everything you could need or want to buy.  If I can’t find something within my own brands, I can almost always find it through shop.com and still earn IBV.  Also, ever since the company doubled (sometimes even tripled) our IBV on purchases, the IBV from partner stores is significant and makes a big dent in the goal 😊

Overall, there are so many products and brands and stores to choose from to generate IBV.  There are also a few resources that I recommend that could be helpful!

  • Achieving SAMM Guide – this shows examples of BV and IBV that real people have done it for less.  
  • Leverage the product carousels on the homepage of UnFranchise.com for inspiration.  Each week, the homepage of UnFranchise is updated with new BV and IBV ideas based on different themes and time of year.  As you look to convert your spending into earning, save time searching by checking out the featured products right in your back office.   The homepage also features other business building content that are valuable to your business.  
  • Check out the “Featured Products” and “Ordering page” on UnFranchise.com for 10-20-30-50-100 IBV examples and other product recommendations which can all be added to your cart or Autoship with one click.    
  • Identify the top 10 stores that you shop at.  Are any of them partner stores? Determine if there are some partner stores with higher IBV that you could switch too.  For example, I went to buy new running shoes last month and instead of going to the big box partner store that I was familiar with, I discovered backcountry.com which paid 8.8% IBV and had free shipping.
  • Have SHOP Buddy downloaded.When you google a product, you can look for the “S” to see partner stores that have what you are looking for.

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