April 18th, 2019

Crucial Insights: IBV Options to Help Meet Your Goals

Team, I recently came across a powerful message from Sarah Rose Stack which I feel is so on-point it warrants sharing with the field. The information she provides (see below) is excellent and the type of answer I like to give with enough substance and examples to be meaningful, conclusive and instructive. I suggest everyone take a moment to read it because people really need to hear this and incorporate it into your thinking. People need to understand that it is the direction we are moving in rapidly and they need to get on-board and started as we have always delivered what we promised!  Take a minute out and pause and take time to read this and think about it.

This is great for providing people guidance, support, and instruction which is geared toward the direction we are moving in and committed to. When Market America first started we hardly had any products, and the few we had changed all the time for different (valid) reasons, but we always made it work. Many people earned checks and grew 6 figure incomes because of the power of the MPCP, even without the incredible products we have to help drive our business today.

We ALWAYS make it happen. When Thermochrome 5000 and trial sizes were introduced – it was one new hot product and not everyone needed to lose weight or get energy and mental acuity. It was a product directed at a specific audience. Not every UFO was about that product being the ultimate thing they were looking for but it WORKED. It Sold and it spread like wildfire resulting in people doing volume and hitting checks. WE USE WHAT WE HAVE AS ENTRPRENEURS AND PIONEERS TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. WE ADAPT AND KEEP MOVING FORWARD.

Isotonix is another great example.  No one had ever heard of it or the isotonic delivery system. It was NOT automatically accepted like it is today. It was yet another success story and another example of us leveraging what we have to make it happen! We blew the isotonic delivery system story up, got people excited about its incredible benefits and ultimately, they started using the product and getting results.

Instead of JUST coming out with Pychnogenal, we went after Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins – a class of polyphenols found in a variety of plants. Chemically, they are flavonoids but have a catalytic effect on many things in the metabolic pathway. We came up with the 3 most effective = OPC-3 in Isotonic form… So, the next year after losing 60 million in volume we did 120 million using what we had!  

Go back to those years and look at the products we added and the evolution of the product lines. Remember clear shield. The point is – we always use what we have to make it work and then improve upon it by adding more powerful products and systems. We are going to make the IBV plan work so you can earn checks using what we have and keep adding. The reality is, we will do it with you or without you – but of course we want to do it with you!

People can and will earn IBV checks with what we have as a starting point and by the end of three months there will be a whole new set of products. There will be more enhancements, programs, Super IBV products,  SABV products, travel offers, continuity programs, local program home runs, and the top 50 to 100 products that everyone uses will be offered in the coming year at the lowest price and highest BV with free shipping and no bulk requirement!  

Those who are on-board now will accumulate IBV while we make the transition and end up earning checks as they will duplicate and imprint and have and organization all doing it. In this way making it happen and the building process to earn checks has not changed since I did it with Elizabeth Weber and the corporate team the first time around. We made it happen then and will make it happen again!!!

Want to place your bets???  We are going to make it happen! It’s an idea whose time has come and it will work because we will make it work. Yes, we have some critics and doubters, just like the first time, but we will succeed again – just like the first time! The question is – who are you betting on? Where do you stand this time around? The Webers, Bowlings, Dennis Franks, and so many others are where they are today because they believed when there was little to show but made we it happen. Now we have the products and the resources to take everyone to the stratosphere. Where do YOU stand today?

Let’s make it happen!

Keep Growing


Message from Sarah Rose Stack:

I wanted to reach out and offer some solutions and guidance for UnFranchise Owners. The 300 IBV target of the SAMM program takes into account the full picture of what UnFranchise.com and SHOP has to offer us as UnFranchise Owners.  Remember, you don’t have to hit 300 IBV with just the SA brand products.  That 300 IBV factors in regular monthly spending as well as more seasonal and annual spending that comes up within each quarter.  This week, I’ve purchased a number of groceries and received IBV.  I ran out of SA brand coffee and hand soap, so had to reorder that (more IBV). I also did most of my Easter shopping on Monday through the site (Footlocker- $183.97. (Jordan, sneakers), Lego – $77.38. (Ethan, Lego chess), Target – $59.16 (Easter candy and baskets) and all of that IBV will also go toward my 300 target.  The point is, I didn’t spend a dollar more than I was already going to spend, I simply changed how I spent it by locating a partner store first and going through my site.

Here are some great IBV options to work toward your goal:

  • Shopping Annuity Brand products: Currently, there are 14 products with high IBV to choose from.  This line is growing at a rapid and more products are constantly being vetted and brought on)
  • Super IBV: Currently, there are 9 products to choose from with high IBV.  The cool part about these drugstore type of products is that they are in our warehouse, so they ship with your regular orders and don’t have additional shipping charges.  Some of these products may take more than a month to go through, while others may take less than a month.  For example, we use more than one of the mouthwashes per month and our kids take about 3-4 weeks to go through the kids’ toothpaste.)
  • E-Gift Cards: Currently, there are 91 cards to choose from. These get delivered right to your email and you can use them in-store or online through a partner store.  We purchase the Petco gift cards on UnFranchise.com and then use them to pay for our dog’s food each month through our partner store, Petco.  Our dogs alone generate 41 IBV per month!  I also just used this last weekend to take my family to the movies.  Fandango is one of the egift card options, so I simply purchased the gift card first, opened my email 30 seconds later and then used it to pre-order our tickets to see Dumbo that evening.
  • OneCarts: In addition, there are thousands of OneCart products including Rastellis, eGiftCards, IBV essentials bundles, travel and more available on UnFranchise.com which offer competitive prices, low or free shipping and higher IBV.  We recently introduced major enhancements to UnFranchise.com to make it easier to find the right consumable products you need such as toilet paper, paper towels, storage bags, etc.  These products have all undergone intense review to ensure they are priced competitively, offer good shipping deals, have higher IBV and are considered the best choice by UnFranchise Owners.)
  • SHOP.COM Partner Stores: There are thousands of partner stores, with practically everything you could need or want to buy.  If I can’t find something within my own brands, I can almost always find it through shop.com and still earn IBV.  Also, ever since the company doubled (sometimes even tripled) our IBV on purchases, the IBV from partner stores is significant and makes a big dent in the goal 😊

Overall, there are so many products and brands and stores to choose from.  There are also a few resources that I recommend that could be helpful!

  • Achieving SAMM Guide – this shows examples of BV and IBV that real people have done
  • Leverage the product carousels on the homepage of UnFranchise.com for inspiration.  Each week, the homepage of UnFranchise is updated with new BV and IBV ideas based on different themes and time of year.  As you look to convert your spending into earning, save time searching by checking out the featured products right in your back office.   The homepage also features other business building content that are valuable to your business.
  • Check out the “Featured Products” and “Ordering page” on UnFranchise.com for 10-20-30 IBV examples and other product recommendations.
  • Create an Incremental plan for switching to one exclusive product at a time.  What are you about to run out of that could be replaced with an exclusive product?  Can you make one new order per week of a new BV product to try? What are the next 4 products you want try?
  • Simple Activities that can generate more IBV.
    • Identify the top 10 stores that you shop at.  Are any of them partner stores?
    • Check out the eGift cards on UnFranchise.com – do you shop at any of those stores?
    • Have SHOP Buddy downloaded. When you google a product, you can look for the “S” to see partner stores that have what you are looking for.
    • Use Shopping Annuity Brand products and Super IBV products, available on unfranchise.com.
    • Check out Travel on unfranchise.com for up to 11% instant IBV.

Really hope this helps!

Sarah Rose Stack 施 綵 娜

Director of Business Integration

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