Cross-Pollination: Building Success in the US and UK

This past weekend I received a tremendous update from Don Martin, who’s been helping his team build on a global scale through cross-pollination. They’ve been zipping back and forth between the US and UK – building in homes and leveraging the MA University majors to keep each leg growing by leaps and bounds. This is how you grow the business!

Congratulations to Don Martin and his team – this is what the business is all about! Below you’ll find Don’s update from this past week along with some great pics from their meetings in the US and UK. Remember: Application of Information creates Transformation – are you doing it?

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger



It’s been over a month since the last update for you because things have been so hot and busy for Lisa, the team and I!  Some pics below just to get a flavor of what’s been happening.  UK update first, We have had over a dozen new partners in the UK that were added over the past month or so and a few are the ones we have been power networking to find with the team!  People with experience and ready to make it happen in a big way.  They are already creating BV and new prospects through the pattern we are working both online through Skype and I’m headed back in mid-April personally.  Social Media has contributed to this and we are really getting our team engaged in finding more people there by networking both online and through their existing networks.  Things are simmering and will soon be at rapid boil and we are not going to stop until it happens.  We are earning more commissions now on one of our UGCs as well as BV through our IRC and several others on the teams IRCs too.  The volume is helping everyone engaged in the US earn here faster too so this has been so much fun to see take form!!  This Unification plan is going to be a huge game changer as people keep getting it!!  It has already for us and many in our team.

Simultaneously we have had record growth at home in the US too.  Our team page on FB is exploding with pics of all the growth, new partners, events, meetings, etc. and the excitement is contagious.  More new people are seeing the vision now than ever before in our group and momentum is rolling and picking up steam.  We have had 5 new pin levels in the last month that I am even aware of, a new Master coordinator this week, and so much more coming.  Stay tuned for next month’s update because this is just going to get crazy!  Cheers and thanks for all you guys do at the company to make this all possible

Yours in success,
Don Martin


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