Countdown: Six Weeks Until MAIC2021

Team, we’ve got a very important Zoom session slated for Wednesday of this week featuring Kevin Buckman, Frank Chang, and Wendy Huang. We’re just six short weeks away from the biggest and best event in our company’s history – and I urge everyone to make the effort to be here in person to learn and grow together. 

This week’s Zoom session will be a great way to learn more about #MAIC2021 and why you need to be here with your team. Be sure to share this information with your team and get everyone to tune in for this important Zoom session – check out the details below. If you haven’t already done so – GET YOUR MAIC2021 TICKETS TODAY!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger 

July 14

Counting Down the Weeks to #MAIC2021

  • Who: Kevin Buckman, Frank Chang, and Wendy Huang
  • Time: 8:00pm EDT
  • Zoom Link: Click to register
  • Facebook Link: Click for event
  • Market America’s Executive Sales Team hosts fireside chat sessions with Field Leaders about the upcoming Market America International Convention on Aug 26th – 28th in Greensboro, NC.