Convert Spending Into Earning with the Shopping Annuity

In all my years with Market America I’ve never been more excited than I am now about My List on SHOP.COM and the Shopping Annuity! The potential for growth here is absolutely unreal – and I urge all of you to join me! My List and the Shopping Annuity are absolutely game-changers, because when you convert spending into earning, you are generating a shopping annuity! Who wouldn’t want to convert spending into earning?


My List on SHOP.COM and the Shopping Annuity are game changers along with Simplification and filling the funnel faster and more efficiently with Social Media. When you become a product of the product and use My List, you are building a shopping annuity. It is the creed, the code, the oath, the common bond—it is in the DNA of Market America.


When you become a product of the product you are converting spending into earning and building a shopping annuity! Where else can you do that? How many things can you find to fund the MPCP shopping annuity with?  This is the real Paid to Shop program – and it automatically increases retailing because it’s the most powerful sales and marketing method ever created!


The Shopping Annuity becomes an even bigger game-changer during the holiday season! It will rain torrential downpours of e-commerce sales, so all you need to do is get the buckets out! Everyone is shopping and everyone is already spending, so this is your WAKE UP CALL!


We need to lead people, teach people, organize people, and coach people to become a Product of the Product.  That is the business – That is the Shopping Annuity!


Everyone needs to have their families’ and friends’ shopping lists and help them find the best deals and do their Christmas shopping as a Shop Consultant, and offer a service of convenience – plus comparison shopping, saving them money, and getting them the most Cashback possible!!  GET IT!?


We are running three plays this year over and over and over and over until we score! These three plays are critical to our success, and we are focused on executing these play and winning! These three plays are on the main stage, and are something that everyone contributes too in addition to their specialty or specialized area of the business and MA University.


1. The Shopping Annuity (the home shopping list, AutoShip, Holiday Shopping, MA Household).

2. Simplification programs.

3. Filling the bean jar with Social media and searching and shaking it up with trial runs and working in their locations.



Together, these three plays will change the game and cause the volume to drop, recruiting to increase, more adoption and use of, and more pin levels and bigger checks in the field!  This will win the game for us!


I have a little homework assignment for everyone: Go back today and watch the convention presentations to help you get focused on this. Here are videos that you should review:


My List and Auto Ship

The New Playbook

Business Building Principles and the Shopping Annuity


Social Media and Social Searching

Filling Social Media Funnel

The Home Inspector

I’m an Entrepreneur



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