Congratulation to Alejandro Sanz & Alicia Keys

I want to congratulate Alejandro Sanz & Alicia Keys for winning the 21st annual Latin Billboard Song Vocal Collaboration of the Year! Alejandro Sanz and Alicia Keysboth one of my best friends and one of the most talented singers/song writers I know. This was a well deserved award that Loren and I were proud to be part of.  This song is so important to me I wanted to share the making of this magical moment not to mention Alejandro Sanz performed during our 2010 MA World Conference Miami.

The genesis of ‘Looking for Paradise’ occured on our yacht, Utopia III.  One night, two summers ago, Alejandro Sanz, one of the greatest musicians and poets of our tiume and Alicia Keys, who is the greatest vocalist of today, and songwriter, beat-maker, and incredible music producer, Swizz Beatz all serendipitously came together.   They started singing a song about utopia and then came this idea about paradise.  After that evening, Alejandro spent time working on songs for his upcoming album and then asked Loren for her help in getting Alicia to collaborate for a recording.

The message to the song ‘Looking for Paradise’ is universal.  The song embodies the message of Market America.  Who isn’t looking for paradise?  Poeple spend their lives running around, always searching for a way to get by, a way to make “it” happen.  We are all searching for something that is good and pure, something that makes sense in our personal journey.   Market America is an unstoppable engine that provides an opportunity for people to create their own paradise.  Market America is creating a global utopia – the more you help other people succeed, the more successful you are – it’s mutual success.  I don’t know of another business model in the world that operates like that.

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Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger