May 22nd, 2016

Coming Soon: UnFranchise Virtual Partner

We are constantly working on new tools and resources to help UnFranchise owners achieve massive success with their businesses – and I’m excited to announce the release of a brand new feature in June that’s going to help take your UnFranchise to the next level. Introducing the UnFranchise Virtual Partner (UFVP).

The UFVP is a unique feature designed to support you in the launch and development of your UnFranchise Business while providing you the ability to help your team develop as well. This dynamic tool provides a series of informational videos and associated tasks which work together with the Getting Started Guide to provide a clear, concise plan of action to support the launch of your new business and foster continued growth.

We’ve created a cool new video to help our UnFranchise family understand the UnFranchise Virtual Partner so you can get the most of its features once we debut it later in June. Stayed tuned for more updates about this exciting new business building resource!

To download this video to share via Instagram, click here.

To share the YouTube version, click here.

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger




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