July 16th, 2017

Changes to New UnFranchise Owner Payment Options

We are constantly seeking new ways to streamline and improve our processes for the UnFranchise Business, and I’ll like to tell you about a small change we’ve made to payment options for new UnFranchise Owners. In the past, the sponsoring UFO has the opportunity to pay for the initial order of their new UFOs themselves. This was originally put in place to serve as a safety net for those new UnFranchise Owners who possibly didn’t have credit cards, or had limited online banking abilities.

After careful deliberation with our executive team, we decided to make a change and to remove this option, so now the new UnFranchise Owners will pay for their initial orders themselves. We felt this was a perfect time to make the change, as online banking services have really evolved in the past few years, making it extremely easy for people to pay for their own initial order. This change also helps us streamline and improve the overall registration process for new UnFranchise Owners as it removed what we considered to be an unnecessary step.

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger

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