August 8th, 2019

Celebrating Our MAIC2019 Challenge Winners

Last night was a truly special evening as we celebrated our various challenge winners at the 2019 Market America International Convention. I love how this event kicks off by recognizing the achievements of our UFO leaders who are in the trenches building their business every day. To be a challenge winner means you’re committed to achieving your goals as well as helping others do the same – and I can’t thank you enough for setting such a sterling example for other entrepreneurs to follow. 

Below you’ll find a list of our MAIC2019 Challenge Winners, and I celebrate the achievements of each and every one of them! These people are leading the parade by serving as a beacon-light for others to follow as they illuminate the path to success. If you want to be a challenge winner yourself – pay close attention to what we teach this week at MAIC2019!!!! Levering these events is a crucial part of your success! 

Keep Growing and Congratulations to all our Challenge Winners! 

-JR Ridinger 

Chairman’s Challenge Winners: 

  • Itohan Stephanie Akinsola
  • Dawn Florio
  • Amanda Kao
  • Steve Lee & Tina Lin
  • Xin Hua Liang & Jie Ling Tan
  • Kelly Ou
  • Donald Qi & Jingying Liu
  • Fei Want
  • Xinhua Wang
  • Ding Yu

Motives Challenge Winners:

  • Vena Pearson-Hudgins
  • Gabriela Pier
  • Mary & Paul Hussey
  • Aleksandra Cummings
  • Semerah Killingbeck
  • Shiqi Wang
  • Atha White
  • Leigh Raeder
  • Rebecca Mousey
  • Aele Tarakinikini
  • Toru Miyake
  • Shirley Yiu
  • Theresa Chen
  • Amanda Kao
  • Sophia Liu
  • Liao Yu Hsuan
  • Li Chi Ching
  • Jennifer Pan
  • Dian You Wu
  • Peng Ssz Chia
  • Ping-jui Hsieh
  • Chih-Chun Fan
  • Chun Hao Lee

TLS Challenge Winners:         

  • Ting-Chi Huang
  • Chingpin Hsu
  • Barb Boldt
  • Jessica Viscome
  • Melisa Mistler
  • Beth Black
  • Sandy Han
  • Nancy Miller-Ihli
  • Sosan Hua
  • Stacey Beversluis
  • Christine Toh
  • Chun Hao Lee
  • Jui Ting Lin
  • Jiu Hui Lin
  • Yi Chang Hsu
  • Lucia Wu
  • Amanda Kao
  • Fiona Liu
  • Harker Lin
  • Emily Lee
  • Rebecca Chiu
  • Chih Chun Fan
  • Chia Ling Li
  • Yi Fan Lin

nutraMetrix Challenge Winners:       

  • Nicole Ogunade
  • Laura Bateman
  • Kathleen Bair
  • Tina Rose

WebCenters Challenge Winners:

  • Hsiu-Wan & Shang Lun
  • Shiao-Ping Chen
  • Hsin Wang
  • Yu-Ting Hong
  • Rong-Jin Jin
  • Verna Tay
  • Kristin Wampler

Conquer Challenge Winners:

  • Meixin Chen
  • Zoe Lee
  • Eddie Sarit
  • Annie Berry


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