May 8th, 2020

Catch a Replay of My Zoom Webinar with Bonus Q&A

Team, I just wanted to share a replay video from my Zoom session last night, along with some excellent questions we received during the broadcast along with my answers and perspectives. I hope this video and the Q&A I’ve also included help offer new insights you may have missed!!! 

Zoom Q&A…

I currently sell real estate. We have scripts and objection handlers…usually all the same types of objections. Do you have scripts/objection handlers?

Great question. Well, I have provided them both on video, audio, live trainings and here. There are audios, videos and articles on this on UnFranchise and I suggest that you ask an EST or Advisory council member/Senior partner to help identify and recommend them.  As I mentioned on this call, we are providing an album of them and spotlighting weekly and adding to the document or resource the new ones sent in each week.

Why not have scripts? 

We do but there are countless permutations and it has to be personalized and customized (not canned). The real secret is to take one of the 20 or mores scripts and customize for the person being talked to and make sure there is a reason you are calling them to evaluate it that they may know the right people (that makes sense to them). Provide an excuse or reason they can use not to do it (understand why we do this), rehearse, provide their brief bio to senior partner and do it with a SENIOR PARTNER. Doing it by reading a script alone does not work.  However, I must point out it makes YOU a lot better when you use a script or notes in the phone (or even zoon) and they cannot see the notes.  It’s like a teleprompter for news cast or stage performance.

Objection handlers?

I am not sure what this means – but I provide these in the Power Points and previous sessions and published the top ones.  You have to go back and find them and study them.  However;  the best method is to do it with an experienced credible partner is what makes the biggest difference as it changes the atmosphere and takes the pressure off of you and you can tag team. Two heads are better than one.  They are the expert from afar and your connection.  I ask you all to send in objections  you get that you stumble over so I can show you the best way to handle them.  However, on balance consider the fact that too many objections or sarcastic or illogical objections may disqualify the person which is a POSITIVE and a victory as well. Remember always answer a question or objection with a question  to begin. Also, a final screen or test can be to change the channel and ask them about residual income and discuss it as the real purpose of the platform, opportunity and technology.

What does Elizabeth Weber teach to the new partners in the first 30 – 90 days?

Elizabeth uses the Getting Started Guide.  The first few sections outlines the task and activities of what a new UnFranchise Owner should do. She also does it with them and imprints with her people to do the same. She follows the 90 day fast track, evaluation method, no decision close, trial run and ABC pattern and has requirements (list of 100, she does 3 way calls with her or senior partner – 1st 20, Attend next GMTSS event, Buy 2 – 4  MAIC tickets, Have 2 meetings for people to evaluate, review Bio’s. Right now, she is storming it with Zoom calls and follow-ups and evaluations and meetings or HBP’s on Zoom.  Everyone is accountable and must turn in weekly progress reports and update, be on face book private page, have an action plan and org diagram, and meet weekly challenge and be on update zoom or conference call.

At what point, within the trial run, do we recommend attending B5 or NUOT? Or focus on Getting Started Guide?

This is a great question and shows that you are doing it or trying. The Getting Started Guide should be used during the Trial Run.  There are tasks and activities that can be satisfied prior to establishing the business. But this will be covered in detail in the next Wed night Zoom session.

What if all the people you are talking are not interested in introducing you to anyone. If you have run out of people. Where do you find good quality people??

As Andrew Weissman put it: The best way to attract additional people, is through people using the evaluation approach. This is so true—you find more people through people. The easiest way to find people is through people you know as each knows 300 and 100 are close enough to call and 20 or more are probable yes ‘s or people who will lead to the right people. First – have you done 20 with Senior partner, do you have a list of 100 and do 2 per week?  Statistically you have that many acquaintances that are possibilities statistically and thus has been proven by Social Media Public companies in their research and due diligence for valuations.Remember the key is not the person you talk to DOING the business as it is about them evaluating and leading to people to evaluate it that might in turn know the right people. It is true that at some point you may have worn out your warm circle of influence and need to focus on changing your routine to developed new possibilities. But make sure you have exhausted the current ones with a senior partner who changes the atmosphere when contacting them.  This part of the business after the list of 20 and 100 is called developing possibilities, Prospecting & Qualifying, Cultivation of possibilities and learning the themes and DANCING WITH THE THEMES.  WE WILL CIVER THIS IN ABOUT 3 OR 4 SESSSIONS FROM NOW.  But if you go to my trainings at the past 2 or 3 WC’s and IC in the prospecting, recruiting, business building sessions I explain how this is done and demonstrate it. There is voluminous material out on this. Everywhere you go in your weekly routine you run into people or meet people and they can only talk about 3 things: what’s happening (chit chat- small talk – what’s’ happening), then they ALWAYS do one of two things: COMPLAIN or WISH.  Feed the complaint or the wish and ask questions and listen. Afterwards write their name down and take notes on what they told you.  The kore they complain or wish the more ammunition you have as the reason they should see it and try to determine who they might know or why they probably know the right people. Cultivate the relationship. Remember their name . They are in a  weekly routine as well – so go out of your way to bump into them again and start the dance.  Be prepared for when they ask you what you do or what is it —because they will.  Then you need to learn the themes and how to “dance with them”. There are audios and videos on this as well until we get to it on a Wed night zoom training. Try to add 2 names a day or at least 10 per week that you are cultivating or growing like a garden

Where can I obtain Bio sheets?

They are available as a download on, but the truth is you don’t really need them – just keep a list and notes. 

When you are asking them to lead to others and say, “there may be something in it for you” and they ask what the something is, what do you answer? 

The short answer is: It is mutually beneficial as you would be economically connected in the MPCP.

I rarely get that and make sure you have a senior partner with you to help answer.

But here is a shorty: “that  is what I want to show you – we have a digital tracking system of your footprint of who leads to who and what they buy, shop for or sell and the co.  extracts a piece of the margin or profit and accumulated it in your account  until it reaches as threshold to be paid and it is done weekly. However, this is what I need to show you—it is amazing and revolutionary.

If you lead to the right person or they , in turn, know the right people  who does a test market (trial run) with us and eventually lead to someone who becomes a UFO and follows the blue print for success –you and everyone in the referral strung get credit for them and what is produce directly and indirectly in the future.  We have an amazing tracking system that tracks everything that is bought or sold by the individual directly and indirectly or their footprint and you are reserved an opening in the referral thread and can get 100% credit without dilution for a year to get paid. The company tracks this and extracts a piece of the margin from suppliers, brands or stores and applies it and accumulates it into an account for you. This is what we (partner and you) have to show you.

The reality is that they need 2, but they do get the credit for the one line and that leads them to being half paid or half rich and proves or demonstrates it works and motivates them to do another that is easier because we have proof and momentum.  Regardless the statement is accurate and I cannot or will  not explain every detail on the phone because it would take 30 minutes to an hour and that is why I am calling them to evaluate it with me and my Partner (I am new but have the connection).  over 400 people have made millions or become millionaires and there are tens of thousands earning a residual income and retail profits.

If someone ten removed from YOU in a referral chain gets it and wants to do it, they are all in line to get credit, so it usually stimulated most of them to want to join or to find another. To tell you the truth –if someone leads me to a director or a leg that earns weekly or is growing toward that   I am going back to them and explain what it means to them and attempt to do it again.  But I have lots of options:

  • Offer them credit for the leg and explain that only 1 one more is needed to get paid and potentially end up with a residual income and you have the  team and system to facilitate it and support it if they will help and get the 2nd group started. 
  • Sign them up as a sales rep to reserve – preserve their position.
  • Offer to pay them a % of the first 1500.
  • Offer them product at a discount after getting them to try it.
  • Explain half paid and half rich and put someone under them that they develop with you and make it work.

Thanks! Say they say, well, it’s not for me, so how can I benefit from leading you to people? 

Well, they did you a favor and you what or need and didn’t haver before.  The offer meant that they would get credit while I and the team did most of the work. I feel badly inly because they obviously died not understand the power and potential of residual income and it has been demonstrated by leading to someone that it works (proof in the pudding). Your promise is kept in how the program works and they are eligible to be place in the line to accumulate. When they evaluate the plan (means see it) this is explained and shown so there is no misleading. However there are a lot of things that can be done to reward them or thank them like :  product, preferred customer rat discount or wholesale, enter them in the system or pay for kit and put someone in on the other side but they have to work it now, and (worst case scenario)  if they really are concerned about it  you can even give them a bonus or %  of your first 1500 which is 1500 you would never have made if they did not lead to the person (but it really is not necessary).

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