May 1st, 2020

Catch a Replay of My Zoom Session this Week

I hope you enjoyed and learned from my Zoom webinar this week about answering questions and handling objections to get a possibility to evaluate the UnFranchise and then ultimately lead to more people to evaluate it.  I went into some detail and actually gave scripts and examples like we did the previous week with scripts for the actual evaluation approach.  I also give the 2 quick zinger answers for when someone thinks it is NWM or MLM.  The social media analogy works every time because it makes so much sense and they are familiar with it and asking who it is that they knew on MLM because we have to save them is a ZINGER that stops them dead in their tracks and gets them to agree to look! 

Remember the key to all of this working is finding a senior partner to do it with you or a senior partner finding a Diamond in the Rough in their group or new person to do it with!!!

Receiving you input for these sessions is a huge part of our overall efforts, so feel free to leave a comment or reach out to me with any questions. I need is your input and I want to know what questions or objections you run into that trip you up so I can answer them for you!

Everyone can go to YouTube to view share or review any of my Zoom sessions. This actually is a series or a course – The 90 DAY FAST TRACK – to become a hopeless success using the Evaluation Method, No-Decision close and Trial Run method as a team to IMPRINT!  Each session connects to the next one like a TV show! Let me know what you think or experience!

Keep growing!


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