Capitalize on Singles Day with SHOP Global

In the world of global retail, Singles Day represents a tremendous opportunity for UnFranchise Owners to capitalize on this mega shopping day. Along with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Singles Day – November 11th – is one of the biggest days in all of retail. UnFranchise Owners can capitalize on that retail windfall by leveraging SHOPGLOBAL.COM!

The best part is you don’t even have to wait until the 11th – this promotion is active right now!!! You can read more about this excellent promotion in our official announcement below. Be sure to share this with your fellow UnFranchise Owners and make this most of this business boosting opportunity! 

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger  

Don’t Miss This Year’s SHOP.COM Global Double 11 Appreciation Promotion in China 

The biggest shopping day, Double 11 (also known as “Singles Day” in China), is coming back with more product varieties available from SHOP.COM Global (SHOPGLOBAL.COM). Online shopping has never been more popular than now! 

Market America Worldwide would like to thank all our Preferred Customers in China for their business on SHOP.COM Global. The company would like to make shopping for Double 11 even more attractive by offering a special Double 11 discount to China’s Preferred Customers. Starting at midnight on Nov. 5 and continuing through 11:59 p.m. on Nov. 15 (China time), all Preferred Customers in China can enjoy an 11% discount* of all the orders they place during the promotional period.*

There is no better time to introduce more friends and relatives to Market America Worldwide’s exceptional products. It is a perfect opportunity to help you build your retail business further, which will expand your BV base even faster.

Please spread this news to as many people as you know in China!

*Regular ordering rules apply, including order and quantity thresholds. Order must be RMB500 or greater to enjoy the special promotion. The corresponding UnFranchise® Owner will fund the 11% discount through their retail profit.