May 19th, 2016

Business Building: New DNA Miracles Home Solutions Bundle Video

The DNA Miracles Home Solutions Bundle has been a hit since making its debut – and now we’ve got a great new resource available to help UnFranchise Owners share this incredible set of products with the world! Below you’ll find our brand new DNA Miracles Home Solutions Bundle Video to help you promote your business and spread the word about this great new product on SHOP.COM.

Our video team does a great job of providing you with excellent promotional resources like this to help you introduce new products to your customers and ultimately help grow your business – but YOU have to use them! I’ve also included the DNA Miracles Home Solutions Bundle PDF here which is another great resource for UnFranchise Owners. Share these resources today on social media and start building a buzz for your business and the new DNA Miracles Home Solutions Bundle!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger



To help keep your home spotless, each DNA Miracles Home Solutions Bundle includes four packs each of Nursery + Playroom Cleaner, Fruit + Veggie Wash, Spot + Stain Remover and Bottle + Dish Soap; as well as four pre-labeled, high-quality, reusable bottles for your convenience.

These highly innovative concentrated packs are dissolvable and have a small amount of food-safe dye to match the appropriate pre-labeled bottles for mixing. Simply drop a pack into its matching bottle, fill with water and shake to mix. Each Home Solutions Bundle Container has four of each cleaner — enough to mix 16 total bottles!


The DNA Miracles Home Solutions Bundle includes these essential cleaners for your little miracle:

  • Bottle + Dish Soap – Keep your baby bottles and standard dishes sanitary and sparkling with this fast-acting, highly effective formula that is also gentle on hands. Excellent for use on baby bottles, pots, pans, glassware, toys and more.
  • Nursery + Playroom Cleaner – An all-purpose cleaner designed to safely clean and remove dirt and buildup from virtually all surfaces and items in your nursery, playroom and home. Excellent for use on changing tables, high chairs, toys, walls, countertops and more.
  • Fruit + Veggie Wash – You choose produce for your family with care; now let our Fruit + Veggie Wash do all of the hard work. Not only does it safely and effectively remove wax, chemicals and soil build-up, but there’s no residual taste or odor, and it helps keep your produce fresher, longer.
  • Spot + Stain Remover – Gently removes tough stains while eliminating odors from your laundry and other washable fabrics like furniture, carpets and car seats. Works well on organic stains from baby food, spit-up and diaper accidents.

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  1. nick cortes says:

    este producto puede ayudar alos nitos mucho en su hijiene saludos y gracias

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