Business Building: Join Phil Guido for a UBP on Zoom

Team, I can’t stress enough the importance of leveraging our weekly UBPs on Zoom – because ultimately these online sessions allow you to tap into the knowledge and expertise of UnFranchise Leaders. 

The result is your team and prospective business partners form a better understanding of our business and what’s possible if you follow the system and believe in yourself. Understanding and knowledge is the foundational core of belief, and by utilizing these weekly UBPs you’ll not only inspire belief but also build your confidence. 

The best part is your prospective partners will have the opportunity to learn more about our business directly from the leaders who understand what it takes to build a legacy of success with the UnFranchise. During this week’s UBP you’ll have a great opportunity to learn firsthand from Phil Guido as he explains the business and puts everything into perspective. 

I urge everyone to leverage this event by sharing this info with prospective partners so they can learn about the UnFranchise from the comfort of their home. Not to mention it’s an opportunity to learn from a brilliant entrepreneur and UnFranchise leader in Phil Guido. Don’t miss this week’s powerhouse UBP – CLICK HEREto register for the session on Thursday evening! 

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger