Business Building in London with Jim Winkler and Gavin Westcarr

We are always working hard to bring this amazing entrepreneurial opportunity to people all around the world – and tonight we’ve got a great event to tell you about in London! Jim Winkler and Gavin Westcarr will be providing an overview of the UnFranchise Business tonight in London – giving you an amazing opportunity to cross pollinate and introduce new people to this incredible business!

We combine technology and people power to deliver a business opportunity unlike any other – and we’ve got more incredible meetings set for later this week. On Saturday, June 1st, Jim Winkler will be giving two incredible business building presentations! You do not want to miss this opportunity to learn from the best in the business!

If you’d like more information about these incredible events, please visit the Market United Kingdom Events Page.

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


Also, you can click on the links below to view PDFs for these incredible events!

May 28 UBP

Business Building June 1