May 31st, 2019

Business Building: GMTSS Events (5/31 – 6/6)

GMTSS events help serve as the cornerstone of your UnFranchise growth, and each week you’ve got new opportunities to learn and grow. Below you’ll find a great collection of GMTSS events slated for next week – and I suggest everyone take a moment to review these events and make plans to capitalize on the ones going on in your area. Share this with your team so everyone is aware of the opportunities to build through the GMTSS! 

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger

Meeting IDMeeting TypeDateCityStateLanguagesSpeakerHost Name
#222468Executive Coordinator Certification Training (ECCT)05/31/2019Friday 
All Day Event 
greensboroNCEnglish HASKINS, CULLEN MA
#227430UBP Meeting05/31/2019Friday 07:30pm – 08:30pmQuincyMAMandarin WANG, NANCY & TINGCHUNG RunXuan Shao
#225104District Conference06/01/2019Saturday 08:30am – 05:00pmBreaCAEnglish HALE, NINA Nina Hale
#227346Local Seminar06/01/2019Saturday 09:00am – 04:00pmGarden CityNYEnglish HASKINS, TRINITY L & CULLEN J Rebecca Carfi
#226376Local Seminar06/01/2019Saturday 09:00am – 04:00pmConroeTXEnglish YENTSCH, ALAN & DEBRA Norma Flores
#224451Local Seminar06/01/2019Saturday 09:00am – 02:30pmMount LaurelNJEnglish YANG, AMBER Dritan Hodo
#227433General Product Training (GPT)06/01/2019Saturday 09:30am – 12:30pmNatickMAMandarin WANG, TINGCHUNG RunXuan Shao
#227356Local Seminar06/01/2019Saturday 09:30am – 04:30pmRochesterNYEnglish ZHU, KE Rebecca Straub
#225741Local Seminar06/01/2019Saturday 09:30am – 03:00pmEast HanoverNJMandarin LIU, BIN (BECKY) Bei Lu
#226198Local Seminar06/01/2019Saturday 10:00am – 05:00pmAshevilleNCEnglish PHILO, BONNIE & SCOTT April Dennis
#227437General Product Training (GPT)06/01/2019Saturday 02:00pm – 05:00pmNatickMAMandarin WANG, TINGCHUNG RunXuan Shao
#229891Skincare: 1 to 1 Training (Motives)06/02/2019Sunday 08:30am – 01:00pmRochesterNYEnglish ZHU, KE Ke Zhu
#229465TLS-101 Learning the Basics to Living the TLS Weight Loss Solution Lifestyle06/02/2019Sunday 09:00am – 12:00pmUpper MontclairNJEnglish 
MICHAUD, JESSICA Jessica Michaud
#226493Local Seminar06/02/2019Sunday 09:00am – 02:30amNew RochelleNYEnglish ROGOWSKY, LARRY Jack Hammel
#229957nutraMetrix 10106/02/2019Sunday 09:30am – 12:30pmBuffaloNYEnglish LAWRENCE, SHARON Allison Plummer
#228559New Unfranchise Owner Training (NUOT)06/02/2019Sunday 10:00am – 01:00pmSan DiegoCAEnglish WHITED, COLTON M. AND MIKAYLA Ting Hu
#231275UBP Meeting06/02/2019Sunday 10:30am – 11:30amBreaCAEnglish ROTH, NORM D & MARY C Judy Crosby
#229892Motives Custom: Blend Your Beauty Training 06/02/2019Sunday 01:00pm – 06:00pmRochesterNYEnglish ZHU, KE Ke Zhu
#229958nutraMetrix 20106/02/2019Sunday 01:30pm – 04:30pmBuffaloNYEnglish LAWRENCE, SHARON Allison Plummer
#229481TLS-201 Learning How to Build your UnFranchise Business through the TLS Weight Loss Solution.06/02/2019Sunday 01:30pm – 04:30pmUpper MontclairNJEnglish MICHAUD, JESSICA jessica michaud
#228560Basic Five (B5)06/02/2019Sunday 02:00pm – 05:00pmSan DiegoCAEnglish WHITED, COLTON M. AND MIKAYLA Ting Hu
#227613UBP Meeting06/03/2019Monday 07:30am – 08:30amPhoenixNYEnglish VISCOME, JESSICA Fred & MaryAnn uppon
#228465New Unfranchise Owner Training (NUOT)06/03/2019Monday 05:30pm – 08:30pmChiltonWIEnglish BOE, MICHELE R & ANTHONY chele BOE
#229186UBP Meeting06/03/2019Monday 07:30pm – 08:30pmSalisburyMDEnglish To Be Determined Bonnie Miller Gallagher
#228618UBP Meeting06/04/2019Tuesday 07:30pm – 08:30pmRock HillSCEnglish HUNTER, BONNIE L Jessica Hunter
#228558UBP Meeting06/04/2019Tuesday 07:30pm – 09:00pmSan DiegoCAEnglish WHITED, COLTON M. AND MIKAYLA Ting Hu
#228180UBP Meeting06/04/2019Tuesday 07:30pm – 08:30pmPoughkeepsieNYEnglish POLO, TRISTA AND RUSSELL Peter O’Pezio
#228080UBP Meeting06/04/2019Tuesday 07:30pm – 09:00pmParamusNJEnglish MICHAUD, JESSICA Gerald Bednarski
#228033UBP Meeting06/04/2019Tuesday 07:30pm – 08:30pmPewaukeeWIEnglish SHEPHERD, DANIEL & LYNETTE Stacy Teague
#228023UBP Meeting06/04/2019Tuesday 07:30pm – 08:30pmSarasotaFLEnglish RODRIGUEZ, SANDI L & STEVE Cheryl Wilson
#227355UBP Meeting06/04/2019Tuesday 07:30pm – 08:30pmGrantvillePAEnglish GINDER JR, BENJAMIN Fank & Sue Dillahey
#225316UBP Meeting06/04/2019Tuesday 07:30pm – 09:00pmPhoenixAZEnglish MADURO, TRINA LaVerne Castillo
#223127UBP Meeting06/04/2019Tuesday 07:30pm – 09:00pmClackamasOREnglish WHITED, DAVID & STACY Jorji Jett
#222560UBP Meeting06/04/2019Tuesday 07:30pm – 09:00pmBourbonnaisILEnglish To Be Determined Anne Martin
#221923UBP Meeting06/04/2019Tuesday 07:30pm – 08:30pmPlainviewNYEnglish HAMMEL, CLAIRE AND JACQUES (UBP Speaker) John Mangione
#228461Basic Five (B5)06/05/2019Wednesday 05:30pm – 09:30pmChiltonWIEnglish BOE, MICHELE R & ANTHONY chele BOE
#229252UBP Meeting06/05/2019Wednesday 07:30pm – 09:00pmFlushingNYMandarin YU, DING Tom Lin
#228873UBP Meeting06/05/2019Wednesday 07:30pm – 08:30pmNew RochelleNYEnglish GINDER JR, BENJAMIN Barry Golomb
#228166UBP Meeting06/05/2019Wednesday 07:30pm – 08:30pmAlbanyNYEnglish MORASCO, PATRICIA (UBP Speaker) YiMei Han
#226350UBP Meeting06/05/2019Wednesday 07:30pm – 08:30pmBraintreeMAEnglish HARRIS, STEVEN P Tina Rose
#230707The Art of Makeup – Guided Application (Motives Workshops)06/06/2019Thursday 05:00pm – 09:00pmSussexNJEnglish LEMPESIS, CHRISTINA Christina Lempesis
#230926Basic Five (B5)06/06/2019Thursday 06:30pm – 10:00pmRehoboth BeachDEEnglish POST, NEIL Neil Post
#229455UBP Meeting06/06/2019Thursday 07:30pm – 09:00pmKing of PrussiaPAEnglish To Be Determined Jennifer Le Sueur

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