Business Building: Dennis Franks Shares the UnFranchise in Vancouver

I’d like to take a moment to share with you a very exciting update we just received from Tony and Annette Chia in Vancouver where they discuss an action packed weekend of business building events with Executive Vice President, Dennis Franks. Anyone who’s ever seen Dennis present the plan knows what type of energy and passion he brings to the table, so it’s no wonder there was standing room only for the UBP on Friday night! As you can see in the photos below, no one can energize and inspire a crowd quite like Dennis Franks.

Have a look at the following message from Tony and Annette along with some marvelous pictures that capture the essence of this weekend’s events in Vancouver with Dennis Franks. It’ll be very interesting to watch this area continue to flourish as we introduce this life-changing business with new people here. A special thanks to Dennis Franks for your continued support and unwavering passion for the UnFranchise, and congratulations to #TeamVancouver!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger



Greetings from gorgeous Vancouver!!  It was an invigorating weekend in Vancouver with the UBP, B5 and GPT by Dennis Franks, Executive Vice President, Market America|SHOP.COM.

On the evening of June 24, 2016, even at a much larger venue than usual for our UBP, the Grand Ballroom at the Executive Suites Hotel was packed-out with standing room only! Mr. Dennis Franks delivered his powerful trade mark UnFranchise Business Plan concluding with his passion-filled Call To Action. Our Vancouver UFOs were engaged with many guests staying back asking more information and follow-up meetings to register their online business.

The business building event with B5 & GPT on June 25, 2016 was at the combined lecture theatres, at British Columbia Institute of Technology – a befitting venue for our Chancellor of Market America University – to accommodate the enthusiastic turn-out. Vancouver and Western Canada UFOs had an excellent opportunity to learn from none other than our own Executive Vice President of Market America, who is truly a Grand Master in the industry! Mr. Dennis Franks shared on the Basic 5 with special emphasis on Retailing and the ABC Pattern of Follow-up, knowing that these will greatly help our UFOs in creating positive retail experience and strengthen their business building efforts. We were delighted to have Mr. Dennis Franks feature several products for the GPT segment leaving us wanting more of his lively and practical tips.

The events were well attended by UFOs and Field Leaders in Western Canada, especially the Greater Vancouver area, Vancouver Island, Calgary and Edmonton.

Alex, thank you as our Field Consultant for Western Canada for inviting Mr. Dennis Franks to share his wealth of experience for the benefit of our UFOs in Western Canada. We are much encouraged by Mr. Dennis Franks’ insightful advice and goals on how to grow Market America|SHOP.COM in our cities and will be making follow-up efforts to carry them out in the coming months.

We are thankful to the ASP Teams in preparing & pulling off this weekend’s events. Kudos to Juliana Chen (A-Team Chair), Moses Tang (P-Team Chair), Loma and Cathy (S-Team co-Chairs), and their enthusiastic team of volunteers. Thanks and appreciation to our translation team: Iris Ye, Sherry Zhao, Annie Wang and many others behind the scenes volunteering their time to translate the PowerPoints into Chinese – Lily Zou, Juliana Chen, Andrew Lee, Kathy Zhu & Annie Wang. Could not have done this without ALL of you!!

Most of all, we are indebted to Cristina Salvador for her steadfast support and Mr. Dennis Franks himself for making time to be with us over the weekend.



Tony & Annette Chia

UBP Coordinators, English
Vancouver, Canada

Moving #TeamVancouver Forward



* Below are some pictures of the events in Vancouver for the weekend of June 24/25, 2016




An attentive congregation of guest and UFOs at Vancouver UBP Both lecture rooms are packed for Dennis Frank's training Chinese slides and simul interpretation were done by UFO Volunteers for the Business Building Seminar Dennis Franks captivated the audience at Vancouver UBP Dennis Franks, Chancellor of MA University at BCIT Campus, Vancouver Getting Ready Group Picture at Business Building Event at BCIT Having interative session with Vancouver UFOs RecognitionOfSuccessfulUFO Standing room only at the Grand Ballroom