Building the UnFranchise with Vancouver’s Gen Y Team

I just received a great update from Dennis Franks who’s been working in the trenches with some amazing teams – including Vancouver’s Gen Y Team. When UFOs and field leaders work together to foster success amazing things happen, and the momentum that’s being generated right now in Vancouver is proof of that!

Have a look below at some great pics from recent business building events in the Vancouver area along with an awesome message from UFOs Tony and Annette Chia who thanked Alex Kwong for working with them to build the UnFranchise. This speaks to the People Power of our business and shows so much more can be accomplished when you work together to build and grow rather than compete against one another!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger



Tony and Annette’s Message:

Hi Alex,

We just want to Thank You So Much for your visit this February 🙂

Our new UnFranchise Owners have learnt much from your B5 Training and have especially appreciated the strong emphasis on having Positive Attitude, training and contributing as a team. This is the first time the latest updated B5 slides is being employed in our B5 NMTSS event.

One of the team in the field have been graced by your presence during their Cantonese language coring and the team feel much encouraged and energized by your guidance.

Our Vancouver GenY Team took much notes on your segment on how to run product show during their evening coring. The inclusion of online parties using social media platform was such a hit with the younger set of audience. They are much more confident now to want to organize online party events to move their business to greater heights!

The UBP Presentation was a much anticipated event with good attendance from enthusiastic UnFranchise Owners and guests. Several of our UnFranchise Owners at the evening are making follow-ups appointments with their invited guests right after the presentation. We are looking forward to the UBP event bearing good results for our UnFranchise Owners’ prospecting efforts.

On behalf of Vancouver, we appreciate your valuable time and selfless effort in raising the awareness of the importance of NMTSS in helping UnFranchise Owners realize their goals. We look forward to building the momentum and get Vancouver achieve greater growth and in much shorter time frame than otherwise.

With much gratefulness

-Tony and Annette Chia


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