February 10th, 2018

Building the Business the Right Way

In the months leading up to World Conference, Loren, Marc, and various members of our corporate legal and compliance teams were engaged in a massive project that will have a direct impact on UnFranchise Owners all over the world. It seems that a few UnFranchise Owners and/or teams of UnFranchise Owners had decided to try and “beat the system” by conducting unauthorized selling or reselling of maBranded products using retail establishments, auction websites, and countries Market America UFOs are not authorized/licensed to sell direct to the consumer.

We have had stringent policies in place that are meant to deter and prevent these types of activities for over 26 years: to maintain a level playing field for all UFOs; protect and maintain a competitive suggested retail price; protect our brand; and protect the UnFranchise® Business for all.

I realize that some UFOs may have taken part in these types of actions which are harmful to the UnFranchise System simply because they may not have known any better, or their entrepreneurial zeal got the best of them in their desire to get ahead, or simply they outright wanted to game/manipulate the MPCP for selfish personal gain and do not care what it does to the hopes and dreams of our entire UnFranchise family – but the violation of these policies have resulted in:

  • Prices being driven lower and lower as more Violating UFOs use Auction Sites and Resellers to “Beat the System”
  • Making it difficult for UFOs to sell products at Suggested Retail Price or even a profit
  • Making it difficult for UFOs to keep a repeat customer base
  • Frustrating and demotivating UFOs across every line of sponsorship
  • Decrease in sponsoring and retailing
  • Minimizing and tainting real success stories of those that built it the right way!

This is something we simply cannot and will not allow to happen; and as a result of Loren and the team’s hard work and tenacity, we are bringing these illicit activities to an end and their perpetrators to justice!

So what can you do to assist the corporate team in eliminating the methods and practices these unscrupulous UFOs are using to undermine your UnFranchise Business? First, educate yourself and your organizations to recognize the activities needed to achieve their desired purposes. The following are requisite activities characteristic of “gaming and manipulation of the MPCP”:

  • One or more common third party “ship to address” locations as shipping and handling collection points/hubs for transfer to reseller (Auction Sites or Unauthorized country)
  • Passive (Controlled) or Fraudulent (Synthetic) UFOs to sponsor and allow downline placement of BV/IBV
  • Ability to provide significantly large quantity of products on a regular and frequent basis to the reseller resulting in “unencumbered volume” for MPCP manipulation
  • Access to downline UFO’s “Back Office” to keep BDCs from “purging”
  • More commissions from Reentry BDCs or assumed operation of BDCs to fund lower prices for resellers

Second, “if your see something, say something”! Not confronting and informing is the equivalent of permitting and silently condoning these prohibited actions. Remember, it is the Management Performance Compensation Plan under which you are paid…it is the performance of Your Management responsibilities that makes you eligible to earn from the efforts of others. Looking the other way is simply a failure to fulfill these responsibilities.

There is no ongoing residual income in violating the UnFranchise System – doing it the WRONG WAY. The illegitimate “unencumbered” volume once created is drying up and will soon be NO MORE! The UnFranchise System was designed to provide ongoing residual income by leveraging (1% production of 100 vs. 100% production of 1) you and your organization’s collective buying and selling power through digital aggregation – doing it the RIGHT WAY. Basics and fundamentals of building the UnFranchise the right way includes, but is not necessarily limited to:

  • Using maBranded products that you sell and represent
  • Selling maBranded products to ultimate end consumers (customers)
  • Use and sell all other brands of products through your SHOP.COM site
  • Build a repeat customer base of 10-20 customers with sales documentation
  • Expand sales and distribution by sponsoring new and actively-building UFOs
  • Teach, manage, and assist all UFOs within your organizations to ensure the RIGHT WAY is duplicated in depth
  • Set immediate business goal of “Base 10 and 7 Strong” for all new UFOs
  • Do not order products you do not have a market for in accordance with Market America policy and procedure
  • Do not ship products to an address other than your own or that of a registered Preferred Customer
  • Use ONLY SHOP GLOBAL to sell products in countries UFOs are not authorized to sell direct to the customer
  • Never provide your UFMS “Back Office” password to anyone – It is Prohibited
  • Never access another UFO’s UFMS “Back Office” – It is Prohibited

It takes teamwork to accomplish this and the Market America | SHOP.COM Corporate Team will be here with you every step of the way!

During our recent World Conference Kevin Buckman and I had the opportunity to address these important principles, points, and concepts in general session. I’ve included the videos from this presentation below to add further explanation and ensure everyone is aware. This is great material to review with your team so everyone understands just how important it is to build the business the RIGHT WAY!

Kevin has always been a champion of the UnFranchise and has a keen understanding of what it means to build your business with integrity. Just remember that if it harms one of us, it harms us all – and as a management team we simply won’t allow anything or anyone to undermine or harm the UnFranchise – it’s that simple!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger







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  1. I am new to the business and I am so glad you’re cracking down on this because it has had an affect on me as a lot of people i tried to get to try the products have turned me down because they said they can buy it on these sites and I didn’t know how to defend my business, so thank you for this, I learned a lot in Miami and I am working harder to get my business going, I keep telling myself I am going to be the next Elizabeth Weber because she reminds me of me. Thank you again for a great opportunity, a great team and a great family, my dreams will come true. God bless you all for protecting us giving me hope for my future.

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