December 6th, 2017

Building with the ABC Pattern in the UK with Andrew Weissman and Lisa Martin

What I really love about the UnFranchise is the fact that no matter what county you’re building in, the same key fundamentals play a large role in your success and longevity. Utilizing the ABC pattern, following up, and building from event to event are key concepts for any UnFranchise Owner to master.

One thing Don and Lisa Martin and I have in common is we both have groups in UK that are really growing and are building the old fashion way that works long term, like when I built with the pioneers in the early years. That means in the homes from house to house and then pulling it together for a UBP, Coring, or Seminar and then book more meetings in homes on the next level.  We are building with Motives and the Shopping Annuity. This is the first leg I am building from scratch with Len Allen and Michael Batiste based on the Shopping Annuity which is red hot in UK and the perfect concept and business.

Of course, when Loren and I started the group years ago we started with Motives and that is still strong, but the Shopping Annuity is so well received with no preconceived notions or resistance. Andrew Weissman has been my partner and side kick over there for years and he goes in for me as quarterback when I am overwhelmed with company responsibilities and does it the same way I do and is a pro and the team loves him.  It pained me that I could not go in November and Andrew had all the fun! And, yes, I am jealous because I really wanted to be there.

I want to applaud the team for the great job you all did and for reaching the next level in the ABC pattern and several more qualifying for the SAMM (Shopping Annuity Master Member). I will be there in January, February and March. I want you all to know that I looked at all the pictures and went over every meeting and which was there and who got follow-ups or new people there. We went over the organization chart and where the meetings were and who had new people there. Congratulations! You guys WON!   Way to go Len and Michael!

It’s all about just doing it right!

Whether you’re new to the business or a veteran UnFranchise Owner, the ABC pattern and GMTSS play a vital role in your growth and success, and by building from event to event, house to house, you’ll soon build unstoppable momentum – just like Andrew Weissman recently did with the teams in the UK!

Andrew just returned from a great trip to the UK where he worked in the trenches with the Market UK teams, building on the fundamentals that have made our dynamic business the global powerhouse that it is today. Below you’ll find a great series of updates from Andrew that helps paint a picture of the tremendous progress in the U.K. as they utilize the ABC Pattern.

It’s great to see the impact we’re having in the U.K., and I know these recent events will help serve as a powerful stepping stone for our UnFranchise Owners in the United Kingdom. All these recent events built up to a great Local Seminar this past weekend with Lisa Martin in London, and ultimately all of this progress will help build massive momentum as we head towards the New Year and #MAWC2018!!

I hope you enjoy the highlights from Andrew in the U.K., and follow their lead by utilizing the ABC Pattern and building from house to house. This is a grassroots business that provides an undeniable solution to the 45 year plan, so it’s easy to see why this reverberates with people from all over the world!

If you’ve been leveraging the ABC pattern and building with events like these – feel free to email me and send me your updates too just like Andrew! I love hearing about your progress and it inspires me to witness your success!!  I would love to hear from you!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


Andrew Weissman’s Update from the United Kingdom


FridayEnjoyed our #UnFranchise business presentation this evening in #Surrey hosted by Juanita and Eulyn. #ShoppingAnnuity#UnitedKingdom #London #letsgo


Had fun presenting our business, products and technology alongside Mauro Joaquim at the UnFranchise meeting last night in East London hosted by Esther Akin-George and Shuzna Ali. #ShoppingAnnuity #ABC


Tuesday – Great meeting last night in #Surrey at Vivien’s home. Teamed up with Michael Baptist and Beth Shakespeare for a fun presentation. #ShoppingAnnuity#ABC #London #letsgo


Wednesday – Fun meeting last night in #Essex partnering with Simon and Eliska Wilcox and Michael Baptist for the UnFranchise presentation. The meeting was hosted by Oshane and Nadene Harrison. Great to have the team support from Marcia Samuels and Gillian Dawkins. #ShoppingAnnuity #London#UnitedKingdom #UK #ABC #letsgo#teamwork



Thursday – A brilliant meeting last night hosted by Larry and Marcia Samuels. They delivered an emotional testimonial at the end of the presentation about their WHY. It was fun to team up with Michael Baptist and Eliska and Simon Wilcox to present the company’s business, technology and products. Len Allen put a financial top spin to cap things off. Duplication in motion and a testament to the great belief the team has in the business and themselves. #Teamwork #Leadership#ShoppingAnnuity #letsgo


Saturday – Lisa Martin hosted a fabulous Local Seminar at our Market UK Office in London with a great turnout. This event was a great culmination of our earlier events, and will serve as a great stepping stone for our upcoming World Conference in Miami.


We also have a UBP slated for Tuesday, December 12th in Stevenage. Details below:

UnFranchise® Business Presentation (UBP)

Date: Tuesday, 12 Dec.
Time: 7:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Price: £5.00 per UnFranchise Owner; guests are free
Guest speakers: Laura and Christian Van Den Heever, and Shelly Smith
Place: Cinnabar, 56-58 High St, Stevenage, SG1 3EF
Contact: For more information, please email

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