February 22nd, 2020

Brainspanking: Why Market America Isn’t an MLM

I’m often asked by UnFranchise Owners how to properly explain what sets our business apart and makes it different or better than a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company – and the following information should help clarify this differentiation for everyone. Our MPCP and Binomial system are superior to anything on the market, and this is what ultimately sets us apart. While there are other businesses (counterfeit binaries) which have tried to emulate us (binomial), no one has been able to duplicate our success and stability. 

Explaining how Market America is different can be challenging, especially when you consider all the misinformation floating around the web. It’s easy to get things confused, but I hope the information below provides you with the conceptual insights and understanding needed to thoughtfully express how the UnFranchise is not only different, but far superior to an MLM. More times than not, MLMs require too many people and too much volume for anyone to realistically make money, let alone an ongoing residual income. They essentially throw a lot of mud against the wall and just hope something sticks, leaving behind a wake of unfulfilled entrepreneurial hopes and dreams. Our approach is completely different, and thus, so are the results. 

To the novice entrepreneur our business may appear somewhat similar to an MLM, but when you look at it from a granular perspective it’s easy to see just how different (and superior) we truly are. While MLM businesses and the UnFranchise both involve networking, that’s essentially where the similarities end…

Our Binomial Design is Fundamentally Different than an MLM – Vertical not Horizontal

Thanks to our exclusive Binomial design, the UnFranchise is categorically different than a Multi-Level Marketing Company. Rather than building in width, our business is designed to help you generate residual income through Two Vertical Organizations per BDC (hence: Bi-nomial). You can multiply your success with multiple BDCs (MLMs can’t do this). With our system you develop two vertical organizations rather than 10-20 organizations built in width (like a common MLM) Due to its unique design, our Binomial system is ultimately 4 to 6 times more profitable and stable than an MLM business. So, what specifically sets us apart? We have NO LEVELS, and therefore we CANNOT BE AN MLM. We ship directly to customers and don’t redistribute products. 

Our Revolutionary MPCP Tracking System connects people & tracks accumulated sales data on your entire business footprint with NO DILUTION & accrues volume from sales until you get paid! Our tracking system is similar to Social Media platforms in that we track and connect people, only our business does it to help people create residual income! Like a digital tapestry woven with the connections of our life, Social Media is a Network – but our network leverages online shopping and consumer connections to help entrepreneurs generate RESIDUAL INCOME. Social media is laid out in the same way as our business – built on digital connections. Social media isn’t an MLM, and neither are we. Social media is about one-to-one connections, and that’s what we’re about also – only we help connect people with products too! 

MLMs are antiquated and were generally developed in the 1950s and 60s before the digital age or computer revolution, therefore they have limitations where you Make Less Money! With our system, you make more on two channels (Binomial System) than you would with a Multi-Level organization because the plan (MPCP) enables you to establish security and profitability at the same time for yourself and your team! When you combine our Binomial System & our referral tracking system, you’ve got a winning combination that’s helped over 500 people around the world become millionaires. Tens of thousands of UFOs have established an ongoing income with Market America – with UFOs having earned over $4.85 Billion in retail profit and commissions since our inception! 

Understanding these concepts and the reasoning behind them is absolutely critical for UnFranchise Owners – that’s why I’ve included an important PowerPoint which really provides a fundamental understanding and also drills down on this topic below the surface and provides further insight and clarification. However, the cliché that this is the tip of the iceberg applies here more than ever. There is more logic and relevant facts (or differences and facts that determine how well it works) below the water or surface than visibly above the surface. It is a bit like computer programming or applications—you can’t see the code that determines how it works or what makes it work.

It is my hope to arm you with the information and insights you need to understand the concepts which make our business so unique, while also helping you learn how to explain this to prospects and people you encounter when sharing the business. Knowledge is power so empower your team by sharing this valuable information with them! This is a beginning in order to do that and to at least put something in your hands NOW. We are working on and will release within the next 2 months more digital education resources which further explain The Market America Difference, so stay tuned for more updates and tools! 

Realizing what a big problem and OPPORTUNITY this is, we have a longer-term project that will resolve this once and for all. We have a lot of people who have had experience with MLMs who need to be saved!  We are also developing a computerized program or software application that allows you to enter in all the information, plan parameters, structure, product pricing/wholesale/commission/ BV/retail, levels and other pertinent information that effect the result and it will convert it or translate it into the optimized situation in the MPCP so it serves as a comparative analysis of their MLM vs. the MPCP & UnFranchise system.

Reviewing this material with your team will have a direct impact on your growth as an UnFranchise Owner, not to mention it helps everyone form a better understanding of the concepts and principles which make the MPCP & Binomial System so powerful. You need to understand it and believe it before you can effectively communicate it! This information ultimately helps you discover how we are different and better than MLMs! We are still developing and refining additional materials and resources to help further explain these concepts – but in the meantime, I wanted to provide you with the info you need to address questions and misconceptions about Market America and MLMs!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger 

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