May 19th, 2020

Brainspanking: The Difference Between Recruiting & The Evaluation Approach/No-Decision Close

The point of this exercise is to demonstrate the difference between recruiting or simply trying to get someone into the business versus doing it the correct way with the Evaluation Approach & No-Decision Close which ultimately leads to the right people who Qualify. It generates a wave of growth by leading to the right people, who in-turn lead to others. It’s a ripple effect of prosperity but it all starts with the Evaluation Approach and No-Decision Close which inherently & consistently help you discover solid partners & customers. 

Remember, you wouldn’t have met the two people who “Got It” and were ready to do it if you had just signed up one person at a time. Those Diamonds in the Rough would have never been discovered! When one qualifies and “Gets It” – everyone can prosper as a result by getting credit for what they do, or who they ultimately lead to. The process basically becomes self-perpetuating and self-replicating so anytime someone qualifies they’ve already essentially led to other people. Even if they don’t become involved, at the very least they’ve led you to new people. This automatically turns into a Trial Run. 

Working with a senior partner with credibility makes this vastly more effective, easier, and definitely fun. By working with a talented senior partner, it changes the atmosphere, reduces apprehension, awkwardness & resistance, and provides you with the confidence and reassurance we sometimes lack. It also illustrates you have the connections to make it all happen. 

Remember – make them an offer too good to refuse! We have the “Pot of Gold” at the end of the economic rainbow – Residual Income! The Trial Run with evaluation approach is an offer too good to refuse because you & your partner do it with them to see if they know the right people or people who in turn know the right people. There is no risk to them. They have everything to gain and nothing to lose!!!

The best part is, you Qualify them in the process!!! First, they must choose the 2-3-year plan & Residual Income in the evaluation overview. Next they must to a Trial Run and lead to people who in-turn lead to people or customers first There is no decision to make because the Trial Run makes it all work first – hence why we call it the No-Decision Close! If they don’t make it happen with the Trial Run, no worries! They could make a good customer. 

By using the Trial Runs to qualify people first you’re optimizing the path to success. It demonstrates that they are cooperative, coachable and enthusiastic. That’s all you need.

In this process they lead to people you would never have met or discovered otherwise who become great UFOs or Directors and everyone in the line of fire (connection or acquaintance thread) benefits – that is reason enough to try it or do it because it is already working! 

There is No Decision!

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