December 3rd, 2019

Brainspanking: Prospecting Advice from JR

Team I’d like to share with you a great question and answer scenario that came up which I feel may benefit other UnFranchise Owners from reading. I’ve included below the original comment and questions, along with the explanations & input I offer. Also, I’ve removed their names to maintain anonymity, but this discussion about the importance of qualifying your prospects first is key for everyone to understand. My answers and comments are all in bold, so you can understand the flow of the discussion…

Common Question/Scenario from an UnFranchise Owner:

Hi JR,

I’m following up after our recent regional conference. As a refresh, I had two guests at the event.  One is A level and she was able to bring B Level guest as well. Both were quickly and pleasantly surprised this was not what they expected it to be.

Before too long they were beginning to think about and speak about how they could see this fitting into their lives with plenty of questions and I have a verbal commitment from both to attend Miami (A level already booked a hotel room). They seem to be verbally committed to doing the business (asking investment cost, how to make money, etc.) but I’m being very firm in my mindset about making sure they qualify first by leading to the right people – just wanted to fill you in so you have a good idea of what I’m currently dealing with.

My plan is to sit down with them ASAP to sell them tickets and get to their people (Names List) as soon as possible and help them find qualified guests for Miami. How does this plan sound to you?  Also, do you recommend we sell additional Miami tickets for them to move to their people?

JR’s Answer: Ultimately, yes – you are doing the right thing – it is the shortcut to success and best close one can use but it has to be done right and there is a special process that helps get them there. 

My one concern with the B level (I’ve seen these types before) where they’re pretty strong-headed and already coming up with their own ideas on how to build this business. Any suggestions on how to make sure we keep this type on track with the system? (A level appears to be very coachable so far, and I’m not as concerned about them at this point).

A quick heads up as far as imprinting goes: our A level person has been on OPC-3 for 15 years, and when I became friends with her a couple months ago I asked her to look at this for her help as it was “Nothing she would ever do but would be happy to help,” lol, we never targeted her to do this so I’m pretty confident the beginning workings of her blueprint should be that of a Goose. And again, B Level, I’m a little in my head about whether or not he’s on the Goose path (is this something to address or worry about?) 

JR’s Answer: This is great thinking and I always ponder it or worry about it but let their willingness to do things with me ultimately determine that.  You never want to push it too hard and make them uncomfortable, so you are right it is a delicate balance. I make the start of this process very nonchalant and matter of fact but with an excellent reason that makes sense to them as why they should evaluate and why they may know the right people. 

Obviously, the belief and use of the product is an advantage and has something to do with this but I would add good reasons that she may know the right people to evaluate it that are right for it or to be a connector that would know the right people. Of course, she is also doing it to help you out and “you know this is something she would probably never do” but I let her tell me that is not necessarily the case when it leads to people and decides to tell me subtly differently LOL. 

If the high-level description of the business makes sense to them (people we are calling) and that you are just looking for them to see it or evaluate it to see if they know  the right people –  you can describe more about the type of people to stimulate their thinking.  Explain what they would say and that she has the connections (to you) and you are tied right into the top leaders in the business. 

Also, be sure to tell them if they do lead to the right people, it could mean some money for them and you would reserve them a position if they wanted to become involved which could become a 6-figure residual income. In other words, they have everything to gain and nothing to lose – and it’s our job to convey that point. Of course, the other route you can take is trial size marketing with the products that they already love.

Asking for help is always an acceptable method to stimulate them leading to people (which you have utilized here) and when they do see if their interest increases – but if it doesn’t you still won because they led to the right person who is leading to people. I let water seek its own level and they can be as involved as they want to be – which I encourage but do not push. The resulting action and the prospects potential success is usually enough to hold their interest and I tease them (or they realize on their own) that the people they led to are imprinting with you (Geese) and it looks like they are 1/2 rich—so you  might as well keep feeding me people to evaluate it or do a trial run and become involved to be in position to earn residual income! Besides you will get the OPC-3 at wholesale and be able to share it with others and make the retail profit (LOL). Be sure to make the calls with them! (3 ways or together).

By now you should be getting the person she led to – to also think of some people who can evaluate the business as they might know the right people. I would tell her I want her to see how I or we do this and if and when possible take her with me or have her on the calls or at the meeting. She can testify to the product or whatever she wants if she feels moved to do so – I make it easy and even encourage her to chime in if she feels comfortable.

Be sure to have someone doing the early calls with you because it takes the pressure off of you to explain everything & neutralize questions like “how long you have been in” or “how much money are you making?” or pressure to justify the businesses working.  You have the connections or a partner that they do not know and cannot attack them or question them in quite the same manner they might do with you. It creates a positive and “coming from success” atmosphere. So, when you repeat this process with her and her possibilities the 3-way call and 1st preview meetings it is important to have a 3rd person – senior partner agreeing with you or doing the evaluation approach with you. You can volley back and forth too!  The person you are doing it with will imprint and come along with this.  If they don’t, I simply start treating the person she led to like they were her and keep it going or get it going with them leading to more people. 

During this period, it is important to explain and show the digital education and credibility tools/resources to ultimately immunize them against negative propaganda or misinformation online. Do you know how to do that or what to say?  It can also be done up front with them because we are talking about getting people to evaluate it and I want to make clear who we are and that we want people to do their due diligence. But in this day and age, people are inclined to doing their own online research, but there is a great deal of misinformation out there that can derail your efforts and skew their vision of what this business is all about. We need to educate them about what one might run into which is not valid, so we can address it early through education and utilizing our vast credibility-building resources which paints an accurate portrait of our business. 

You are right about the bridge or connection between the A/B level. I don’t really see it as the A/B level as much as I see it as people leading to people and starting the process and procession to see who will follow and lead to more people. Once A sees it and leads me to people, I work on her list of possibilities and the evaluation approach and script and you should be doing calls with them for at least 10- 20 and then going together or with them to do the preview.  This is an important step because I am Qualifying them with the 2-3 vs 45-year plan or Residual Income through the UnFranchise.  It is a choice and I want them to get that this is the difference here and what it is really about and that it is a tried, tested & proven plan or blueprint and technological tracking system for your own financial success (producing residual income) which a job or most businesses simply cannot provide. 

If they get it and buy-in and want the residual income – it works with the evaluation process and pattern to get them to do more and become more involved with me as we make calls and see people and then get them to make their list and let some people evaluate it and we repeat it over and over together and people start asking if they can join! I get them to try products, make a list , and I sell the convention and why it is a crucial shortcut to success and if they are going to do this they want to be sure they know what it is really about — and there is no better way than to take a tour of the brain, heart, and soul of the business and see and meet the reality of it in action at World Conference or International Convention with over 20,000 UnFranchise owners present plus all the top earners and corporate team. Besides, it’s an absolute blast and you will make new lifelong friends and leave knowing that it all works and also how to do it. It is the shortcut to success, and you will gain 6 months of knowledge in one single weekend. In fact, the best thing we can do is to get a couple people for you there! We will work on that! 

So, if any of that happens the link between A and B is established. 

I agree that the real trick is to get (what you call A at this point) to also make a list and agree to have some people evaluate it with your help. But I make sure that A is there and involved, and if A does not want to build it with us – I do it anyway with the people they lead to or refer and A will get credit for,  but I do not worry about them and make the person you see as B into A and treat them like that and again move to imprint – getting them to lead to people.  

One misconception that I hear occasionally is people doing the Evaluation Method and No-Decision Close or 90 DFT process for some reason think they get their list of 100 or top 10 list and contact them on their own or on behalf of the person who provided the names.  NO , NO , NO – Nothing could be further from the truth and that is a gross mistake. That may be an option if the person has no interest whatsoever and doesn’t want to be involved and just gave you names and numbers with permission to use their name as a referral.  But that is NOT the case here.  We work first with their top 10 to 20 list and call the people with them or even drop by to see them if that makes more sense. 

The senior partner is the key to this as mentioned earlier, but so is the new person providing the contact or the “possibility” or referral to “evaluate it” to see if they know the right person. Together you have reviewed the “evaluation approach script customized for each person being called” including the reason that will make most sense to that person that they might know the right people as the reason you want them to evaluate it. You do this together with a senior partner first and then together with the people they list.  This is how imprinting starts to happen and people lead to people. It’s actually fun when doing it together! 

After they do 10 to 20 – we should have 2 to 4 follow-ups with the focus of showing the plan and qualify them by choosing the 2-3 year plan and residual income over the 45 year plan OR to explain how we do the trial run with them to test market it and start leading to people to evaluate it. Then the next time together we start contacting people and some become B levels after they agree to do the same thing and we do it with them.  When they start having HBPs and we do the UBO presentation for guests, the ABC pattern has started.  The next step becomes C level if they will invite people and the TEAM of your senior partner, You, and your new A & B come with you to help show plan and book follow-ups and show people how to do the evaluation approach.

Remember, it is critical for you to do 2 per week for 52 weeks (104/year) and of course those people will be placed on the geese procession below them forming a team with everyone benefiting. This creates massive momentum for your business – so keep this up for 90 days and discover what you can accomplish together!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger

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  1. Excellent JR Thank you for the detail on the question!

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