September 3rd, 2019

Brainspanking: Hurdlr Accountability

Team we’ve got a crucial learning opportunity at noon today with a powerful Hurdlr webinar. We spoke about this amazing program at MAIC2019 and now you have the chance to put it all into practice! Today is the day we kick off the HURDLR Accountability at 12 pm ET!  There’s only 3 months of 2019 left – how can you use Hurdlr to prepare your taxes for this year and make next year easier than ever?  Jump on to learn how…  

4 weeks of learning the ins and outs of Hurdlr to become consistent.  (30 min lunch sessions!) 

  • Week 1: Why, What, How
  • Week 2: Making it habitual and tools for automation
  • Week 3: Recruiting, Retention & Reports
  • Week 4: Duplication 


Join URL:

Tuesdays, 12:00 p.m. ET 

9/3/19 – 9/24/19
* Save the dates and Zoom link to join 

90% of entrepreneurs are commingling their finances and can have over $10k in tax deductions they are missing out on.  Hurdlr can help save you time and money; onaverage they can save you $5,600 and 16 hours per year.  You can also have peace of mind by having up-to-date automated and real-time financials which provides financial insights to improve your business and profitability.  


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