February 18th, 2020

Brainspanking: Explanation of the No Decision Close

I’d like to take a moment to share with you a mini-lesson & brief explanation of the no-decision close which may be beneficial for those who would like some clarification on this topic. One important aspect is looking for people within your upline who would benefit from or have some obligation to change the atmosphere with you and help on 3 way calls doing the evaluation process, no decision close and trial run method which qualifies or disqualifies people. For the ones that do qualify, we make it work first before they sign up by leading to people that want to do the business (also do trial runs) and/or people who want to buy the product. This process in essence “hatches” geese (the metaphor of fowl – chicken, ducks, geese) that imprint the process of people leading to people and follow in the V formation to take off and migrate to residual income.

The “no decision close” is a key part of the evaluation process. The script to it is in this PowerPoint.

To begin with – people are invited to evaluate this “incredible residual income machine and technology platform or system” because they might know the right people in which case it could mean an income stream to them. But they are not being asked to see it to get in or to join. We don’t even know if they qualify! Now everyone wants a 6-figure residual income as it is at the top of the economic later where you do something once but get paid continuously and are not exchanging time for money. 

What you are doing is giving them an offer too good to refuse by offering them an opportunity to see it (evaluate it) and if they lead to the right people who know the right people they end up benefitting – I demonstrated  that in the wave at MAWC2020. Then, fundamentally they are told to relax and to put their apprehension and wallet at the door because they can’t get in tonight regardless and it takes seeing it 3 times to get in. Why? The 1st time it will create more questions than it answers. The 2nd time they see things they didn’t see the 1st time. The 3rd time (If they are right for it) fireworks go off in their mind because they are realizing ways it could work for them. (I am eliminating explaining the psychology involved here). But why would you want anyone to sign up or sponsor that cannot lead to anyone? 

The main point in the overview of the plan is the 2-3-year plan for your financial success with the UnFranchise generating 6 figure residual income versus the 45-year plan & the stats which show most just end up broke. PROSPECTS MUST CONSCIOUSLY UNDERSTAND THIS DIFFERENCE AND CHOOSE the 2-3 YEAR PLAN. This is the qualifying moment. So, if they really want residual income, we can show them now or next time how it works and the 5 steps.  But the important thing is they chose the 2-3-year plan! The remaining question is – will it work for them? If they knew they were going to make $2,100 a week there would be nothing to decide! We can’t work with everyone anyway and can only take 4 on at this time. But they are being given the opportunity to see it first.

So, I have a way where they can get the answer of whether it will work for them and if they are the right person for us & the business. It is called a Trial Run or test market where we “run it up the flagpole to 10-20 people over the next 1-3 months to see if they salute it and want to do it or know the right people. I tell them “Don’t you show it – you will mess it up. – We will show it for you, together with you.” At the end of the Trial Run, if we have 2 to 4 people who want to do it and people clamoring to buy the products – IT ALREADY WORKED! There is no decision to make unless you don’t want the income LOL. 

Therefore, there is no decision to make. Hence the NO DECISION CLOSE – because we made it work first before deciding and they are leading to the right people. When this is done correctly, what we set in motion carries in motion and everyone is leading to people who are qualified, and in-turn are leading to other people. This is imprinting. They know no other way. These Geese are in the V formation with 70% greater efficiency and flying distance and they migrate together to residual income as contrasted to a bunch of chickens in the coupe. I hope this mini lesson helps explain these crucial concepts for you! 

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger 

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