July 8th, 2019

Brain Spanking: Updates & Business Building Tips

Here’s a great update and shot of mind-stimulation for building the business from myself, JR, to you!  It’s fitting this comes during the July 4thholiday, because I hope this helps you to declare your financial and economic independence with residual income in your UnFranchise!  I HOPE YOU WILL SHARE IT WITH YOUR TEAM.

Subject: This is my plan and mission to get people earning IBV checks – Marc and I talked about this. I want to make sure we are all on the same page! We are making progress but not there yet. Let’s keep the pedal to the metal and keep thinking out of the box and trying new angles!

The goal is using the SAMM as a building block to get people to earn IBV commissions and then increasing the frequency of commissions for UFOs and the top earners that are maxing out on BV checks in MPCP cycling weekly should be able to do the same on the IBV plan ($1500 per weekly cycle 4.2 times per month per annum). We do this by getting 100 strong consumable necessity items with 20% + IBV and make it easy to do 300 IBV and the same $3000 per quarter eventually equals 600 IBV per quarter.  Order these items first to take care of 10-20-30 and then the SAMM.  Duplicate it and earn checks!

Eventually having SAMM at 600 IBV for the same $3000 spend would be miraculous and one earns checks first by ordering these items first and then they can put the icing on the case and save money on shop.com by ordering other things they want it need and it only makes sense because they are earning IBV checks on the SA and SAMM and Shop.com program.  The attachment shows how it takes fewer UFO’s to earn checks and that many who are cycling weekly on BV will be able to do so on IBV as well maxing out BDC’s at $3600/wk.

Keep Growing,


In depth explanation:

Here is a PDF with the number of UFO’s needed doing SAMM at 300IBV (10%) vs 600IBV (20%) as requirement at some time in the future spending the same $3000. The point is that this can be realistically done with 100 great consumable – necessity items with IBV:  SABV-IBV products, Super IBV products, Special offers and featured Ambassador Choice products like Rastelli Food, Resturant.com, Gift cards and Ambassador choices on auto-ship-one cart/ and free shipping to easily do the 10-20-30 and OVER the 300 IBV SAMM.  In fact, most UFO’s can hit IBV brackets each quarter and month. 

Those earning BV checks and with small group can hit checks multiple times in a quarter or monthly.  It simply requires more UFO’s hitting SAMM to have multiple pay outs and automatically climb the IBV bracket scale in MPCP by having other UFO’s reaching SAMM under them.   To hit weekly it takes even SAMM’s doing the SAME $3000 in spending but eventually getting 600IBV for the same spending or shopping. Order the higher % IBV items that we select and offer first so you hit the SAMM – but it will be 600IBV and require fewer people in each leg to hit IBV checks monthly and then weekly!  

If the SAMM grows up to 600IBV gradually over the next year for the same amount of spending or cost (converting spending into earning) it will cut the number of UFO’s qualifying in half and make it much more realistic with more people earning.  When and as this happens, the IBV plan will gain momentum with the SA and SAMM like the BV plan a s long as there are enough products carrying 20% or higher IBV.  In that case a higher SAMM requirement is a good thing if it doesn’t cost anymore and if there are enough products where no one has to stockpile.

The key is making it easy to order with templates and list to just click an order and not having to find things.  Hit IBV levels first and qualify SAMM – then shop for other items you save on or get some IBV on.  The ones that do well on Shop.com partner stores or products that more people order—we should go after better price and commission. Right now, everyone in the field needs to focus on getting people to hit IBV checks by doing the SAMM using the higher IBV products featured first. When one duplicates this and have other people hitting the SAMM in each leg – IBV checks will be earned.  When that happens and is widespread the program will reach momentum! 

Doing as much IBV as possible to accumulate or accrue to IBV pay out levels in the MPCP is whole objective at this point.  Having a group of products that make that easier to do with higher IBV is the goal and UFO’s should order those items first.

Keep Growing! 

JR Ridinger

This below goes well along with this as everyone needs the evaluation approach and pattern to restart or accelerate new growth to hit pin levels, The list of 100 (2/wk X 52 =104), The evaluation approach written out to practice, A goal statement,  BUT ALSO IF THEY HAVE A TEAM OR GROUP THEY NEED AN ACTION PLAN TALKED ABOUT BELOW…

Action Plans Complete and Weekly Call Schedule

I hope everyone is having a great 4thof July holiday weekend. I’d like to pass along a tremendous update I received from Don Martin after our incredible meetings last week. It’s all about utilizing the evaluation approach building momentum with the ABC pattern. I love seeing entrepreneurs so focused on achieving their goals! Well done, Don!!! Keep Growing! -JR 

Message from Don Martin… 

Happy 4th ❤️

Quick update for you all after last week in Connecticut.

First, the time spent with you was so perfect I can’t even begin to tell you what it has done to my mindset and vision since. All I can say is the action planning on Tuesday night filled in the few small voids that I had that I know will make all of the difference in the world while the rest solidified every single thing I believe in and know to be true about how to build this business right for the long haul and residual income and that we are just getting warmed up to what is to come. I’m more laser focused now than I have ever been and I’m telling you I’m no BS just getting warmed up to what’s to come from us and our team and the people that I’m working with in some other teams too. Check out the pics attached of the people who I have sat with and completed their action plans with. Their goals fit perfectly within our big picture goals and from the breaking down of what they have to do each month, week and day, I asked them directly if they know they could now do it and knew without a shadow of a doubt and they each absolutely agreed.

Secondly, weds you spoke with such passion and poured into everyone who was there, and they left filled up from you. I know that day changed so many of their lives forever and I appreciate your commitment to the field so so much.

I’m personally on a mission to share this as far and wide as I humanly can, and I am calling it the modern-day business building manifesto. Getting people minds right on what works and will always work and what duplicated PERFECTLY and the logic behind it. Evaluation approach, into showing the plan right, into the evaluation approach in the trial run and ABC process. I have more crystal clarity than ever, and I totally get it from top to bottom inside and out. It’s completely on with us. I’m so excited for the next 6 months because I feel like when I was growing into professional coordinator loving every step of the process. Love y’all. Chat soon.

Andrew, I’ll call you to set up the weekly accountability call with the 20 total people that attended a special session. With our group. They are hungry and ready.




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