September 20th, 2018

Brace Yourself for Success – by Dennis Franks

Team, I’d like to share with you now a very special message from Executive Vice President Dennis Franks which will help put you on the path to success. Dennis is without question of of the most insightful and passionate entrepreneurs I’ve ever known – and he dreams big and inspires others to do the same – so pay attention to what he has to say!!!


Special Message from Dennis Franks

Being a global UnFranchise Owner puts you in the driver’s seat. Offering our exclusive brands and select Partner Stores puts you in command to enlighten, educate and empower your friends and circle of influence to experience the great products and opportunity that Market America provides for you. You apparently already use some of our amazing products that include cosmetics, beauty, health, weight loss, child and pet care, and much more. You know people who are looking for the same benefits that you are experiencing. The only thing left is to connect the dots and introduce them to SHOP.COM Global. A simple conversation and an email with a link to the product of choice builds your business and takes you one step closer to reaching your goals.

In addition, you can also grow in the region in which your emerging market is aligned — North America, Europe or Asia. Ask your senior partner which affiliation they enjoy. Each region opens up an opportunity to earn ongoing income. Financial success is within your grasp. However, we have a challenge. If you are like most people, you do not see past the sacrifice and work that it takes to enjoy the ongoing income. Yes, there is work and it does take time, but it is so doable and so rewarding if you just get past those first 24–36 months of discipline and focus. It is not hard. Use the Market America products that you love daily. Share them with at least one person per day or more if you are above average. Generate at least two orders from your SHOP.COM Global site each week, and follow up with those customers who purchase once received on the first, third, seventh, 14th and 21st day, ultimately until you get the next order. Show the business Plan once each week, then follow up. Master your story as you open with each person you show the Plan to, and follow up with more information until they determine that the partnership with you is the right decision to make. Now, you may get three to four “no’s” from the same person but mark my words, they will come along your way if you are relentless and stay consistent with your efforts.

I love this business. The business reminds me a lot like looking at a beautiful city skyline. Many people are so obsessed or hypnotized with the breadth of a cityscape and skyline. Why? Maybe it allows a person to take a breath and escape for just a little bit. It makes us forget for just a moment the craziness of our lives. It’s like looking out to the ocean or over the mountains; it excites and energizes you. Every time I think about the business and ongoing income, I get excited because I am no longer exchanging time for money. I can travel and have money in the bank, and I recognize that I will have accomplished something most people will never experience and only dream about. It is such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. I want you to start every day with a reminder to look through the sacrifice, pain and hard work to appreciate the greatness of your success. Some refer to it as the fruits of your labor. Ready?

Take a cold shower each morning to reap its rewards. You ask, what could the rewards be of a
cold shower? Let’s start with a boost in your immune system. The cold water — combined with an amino acid, glutathione, that your body has — rids the body of toxins and stress. Next, how about better skin? Hot water strips essential oils from your skin while showering with cold water actually reduces skin inflammation. Then there is improved mood. Researchers have found that cold showers can ward off depression by stimulating electrical impulses from nerve endings to the brain. Are you getting what I am saying?

Be the entrepreneur who takes your market to the next level with your UnFranchise Business success. Look past the work and sacrifice, and keep the end in mind. It will be the best thing you will have ever accomplished.

Stay focused, and stay the course!


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