February 13th, 2020

Becoming a Hopeless Success & The Evaluation Approach

I hope my World Conference presentations were impactful and informative and ultimately help lead you down the path to massive success and residual income. Anyone can have a residual income if you know how to find the right people. There are three keys and powers that can change everything: 

A) residual income machine and everyone wishes for it. 

B) The MPCP and Evaluation approach works synergistically to guarantee the result (with the no decision close & trial run). It’s a proven technique that works synergistically with the functioning of the nature of vertical profitability. You need to fully understand this! 

C) Program your brain. 

It’s all about finding D.I.R.(s) or diamonds in the rough. Help your D.I.R.’s sustain profitability and sustainability. They have to agree to: two evaluation approaches per week, be a product of the product, show the plan, buy and sell tickets, and measure/monitor/adjust/and control. 

The evaluation approach is an absolutely winning formula for entrepreneurial success with the UnFranchise. The evaluation approach and trial runs make the business work first before the prospect even makes a decision. That’s how you imprint geese instead of chickens! The MPCP and evacuation approach work synergistically together and exponentially increase their effectiveness. The plan was designed for this. Our plan is the engine that drives success. Our people power is the fuel! Sometimes your only problem is the fact you don’t know how to start the car!

Sponsoring is a huge responsibility and a long-term commitment. It’s like having a child and needing to feed, clothe, and bath it. It’s hard work. That’s exactly what sponsoring is in Market America. This is why I recommend qualifying people and doing a trial run and making it work first. Qualifying prospects is like dancing. The dance steps are as followed: Shopping Annuity, online shopping, one-to-one marketing, UnFranchise vs. Franchise, economic alchemy, product brokerage, Internet Marketing & E-commerce, health/wellness, 2 to 3-year plan vs. 45-year plan. The following videos help break it all down…

To help you make the most of MAWC2020 – I’ve included a link below with Part One and Part Two’s Presentation PowerPoint, which allows you to form a deeper understanding on this vital material. Be sure to share this material with your teams and review it yourself!


Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger 


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