September 30th, 2019

Becoming a Hopeless Success: 90 Day Fast Track, Evaluation Approach, Trial Runs & No-Decision Close

We recently hosted a powerful strategy session at our estate in Greenwich, CT with a group from Big Al’s Team where we focused on executing a 90 Day Fast Track. This team is a great representation of the average group of UFOs who all have big dreams, passion, belief, hope, and dedication. I think this session really clicked for them with the evaluation approach and no-decision close which generate trial runs that ultimately manifest into the ABC pattern. As you can see in the images I’ve included, this group brought their dream boards – and it’s our goal to make these dreams a reality by executing the gameplan. 

This group is committed to cultivating their list of 100 acquaintances for the evaluation approach and to see if they can lead to the right people. Remember – it’s not about getting people IN – it’s about leading to the RIGHT people who QUALIFY! If they choose the 2 to 3 year plan with the UnFranchise system over the 45 year plan and are cooperative, coachable and enthusiastic in the trial run, they QUALIFY to be on our team and because it already worked  and people are leading to people they will hit Professional within 3 to 6 months! 

The key is doing 2 per week and getting help doing 3-way-calls, drop-ins, or HBPs with your team and reporting-in and being accountable so we can coach and tweak the approach to get it right! We do this for 90 days and can add another 90 if we are making progress with their Geese procession in the V-formation ready to take off together and migrate to residual income! The only rule is that we must have FUN! This is how we build the business! 

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger 

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