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November 9th, 2011

Become a Product of the Product

I absolutely love the following email – Lou does get it. Transfer buying personally becomes a shopping and buying annuity when you duplicate it in the MPCP.  Why anyone would buy anything from somewhere else? It is sacrilege and illogical – which us another way of saying outright stupid. Why would someone in the business not want these products? They are what the business is about – so why you wouldn’t become a product of the product and a walking advertisement is impossible for me to understand.


Sam Walton didn’t go to K mart to shop for anything he needed. With transfer buying you are simply transferring dollars you already spend out of stores and internet sites or mail order catalogues to your own portal or store or business and SPEND LESS MONEY (wholesale) in the process. Plus you get cash back and make money from the accumulation of BV or IBV.


And as you will see Lou is right—you can place transfer buying or extra direct order over 150 in other qualified centers or reentries down in your organization, which leverages everyone’s success. The same is true of the IBV advertising pool bonus. It’s not about the 400 to 500 IBV you get in the bonus, it’s how many people qualified for it in your group. The volume accumulates all the way up the lines in the vertical MPCP system to the benefit of everyone in the line – and it has a compounding effect. This earns multiple people checks, and helps many more to be in reach or closer to earning them so they have a bigger reason to buy everything from the portal.


Now, let’s take it to the next level. With the new online shopping list, you can have the computer easily find anything you are already using or buying at home. It automatically builds an order for you – or a shopping list.  Start building your list now!  It cost you less than going to the store (considering the cost of gas plus the wasted time) because comparison shopping insures you are getting the best possible price – plus you get Cash back and IBV.  The system automatically builds orders to be shipped at different times, whenever you want it. Again, everyone in the line gets credit for this in the accumulation, plus it can be put on transfer buying or AutoShip for preferred customers.


You are not spending a dime—just transferring dollars you are already spending, but spending less and saving AND actually earning!  What Lou speaks too below about BV is as true for IBV as well. Simply shop or buy out of your own mall (portal) and put it on transfer buying or auto ship strategically. Now, with instant IBV and the new reports, you can strategically place it like you have done for years on BV.  When you strategically place it in transfer buying centers, it has the same effect that it has in the BV plan. You know what you can count on and can plan and count on our checks.


If everyone in your group was doing this you would be earning two checks on every center. In the new feature you will see the ALICE super online store that allows you to order all of your consumables, drugstore, and dry goods from one source at the lowest prices – with cash back and IBV and possibly free shipping too! That rocks! So you better get people prepared mentally and ready to do this by doing it now yourself. When everyone does it in your group, you now have a shopping annuity. It generates a compounding residual income from IBV generated from everyday SHOPPING! Now that is brilliant!


Keep Growing,

JR Ridinger





I put this together to show you all what can happen if you change your buying habits.  Thanks Frank for your comments.  The slide show you will see does not take into account the IBV I use every month and also the partner stores I buy from all the time.

-Lou Manfredi


Here are the Market America Products the Manfredi family use MONTHLY:



OPC-3   43.5

Isochrome          18.5

Vit-C      15.5

B-12 complex     13

Heart Health (2)                52

Prime Joint Support        40

Reveratrol           27

Glucosatrin         26

Ultimate Aloe    13

TLS Core               40

TLS Acts                35

CLA        22

Mochtonix          21

Awake  22

CoQ10 (2)            52

Comp Greens    23

Calcium                                8.5

Vit D w/k-2         17

Advantra Z          40



Total BV from PetHealth: 43.5

Total BV from Snap products: 30.5

Total BV from Personal and Skin Care: 210

Total BV from Motives Cosmetics: 100


Just by changing our buying habits we have at least 900 BV PER MONTH!!!


Our monthly requirement to maintain accumulation on all centers is only 150 BV per month just for our 001.

The rest can be assigned to anyone we personally sponsor.

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