May 29th, 2019

Become a Hopeless Success with the Evaluation Approach

I’d like to take a moment to share with you some great feedback I received over the weekend regarding last week’s coring sessions on Utopia IV with Elizabeth Weber and her incredible All In Team. The message below is from Sheryl Duchess, and also includes a tremendous audio file from Melanie Nelson where she discusses her take on the Evaluation Approach which I feel could really benefit everyone.

I love seeing UnFranchise Owners embrace the practices and lessons we teach to become a hopeless success – and I feel this lesson is particularly empowering for UFOs. Amazing things happen when you believe in the system and leverage the Evaluation Approach! CLICK HERE to access a powerful Evaluation Approach audio file from Melanie Nelson – you’ll also find a CALL SCRIPT below as well. 

Keep Growing! 

-JR Ridinger

Special Message from Sheryl Duchess:

Dear JR and Andrew,  

First of all, I want to personally thank you for inviting us to the special coring on Utopia IV.  JR the passion and heart you showed us all gave me so much respect and belief in what you are all about and where you want to take this great company!  I am very excited about learning all I can to duplicate and build leaders in my organization.  I spoke to Andrew yesterday day and shared with him that Melanie Nelson did a great presentation at SE Regional simplifying the evaluation approach.  I asked her to send me a recording of how she works with this approach along with the follow up when they ask if you can send me some information.  This short recoding is great and teaches exactly what you training on so well.  I also typed up the approach and have been asking my team to listen to the recording and print out the approach and master it.  I am attaching both the recording and script.  We are looking forward to more mentorship and excited moving forward.  Thank you again for caring about us and working with us personally it means a great deal.  

Sheryl Duchess, ND

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