July 13th, 2020

AutoShip Enhancements on SHOP.COM and Isotonix.com

AutoShip has been one of the favorite features of UnFranchise Owners for years on UnFranchise.com because it saves time and makes it easy to ensure you’ve got the products you love and use regularly. We’re excited to announce we’ve made some exciting enhancements for AutoShip on SHOP.COM – PLUS the AutoShip feature is now available on Isotonix.com! You can use the AutoShip feature for all Market America products on SHOP.COM as well as the Rastelli’s products we offer. This covers a wide range of spending and makes it easy to ensure you have the products you need, when you need them. 

For UnFranchise Owners, it’s important for you to take a proactive role in your success by discussing the AutoShip feature with your preferred customers and to answer any of their questions to help explain how it works and why it’s so beneficial for online shoppers. Our convenient AutoShip program provides you and your customers with peace of mind knowing that you’ll never run out of your favorite products again. Plus, you can save 5% on your first AutoShip order and all future AutoShip orders.

Using AutoShip on SHOP.COM and Isotonix.com is simple and can be done directly from the product detail page! There’s no obligation, you can easily change or cancel AutoShip at any time by going to Manage AutoShip from your account. With the new enhancements we’re roiling out, it’s now easier to add products to AutoShip. 

AutoShip Enhancements:

  • You can now add items to AutoShip directly from the product detail pages on SHOP.COM & Isotonix.com. You’ll have the opportunity to select the frequency as well. 
  • If you selected one-time delivery for an item when you added it to your cart, you now have the ability to switch that to AutoShip directly from the cart without having to visit the product detail page. 
  • Customers will still have all the same functionality to update or manage their AutoShip from the AutoShip Management screen under My Account. 

All of these enhancements were ultimately designed to deliver a better overall shopping experience while making it easier than ever to utilize AutoShip for the products you love. We’ve reduced the steps it takes to create an AutoShip and made it even easier and more convenient. Here are a few other noteworthy benefits of these new AutoShip enhancements:

  • Customers will receive the product right away on the initial order with the next shipment scheduled for the frequency requested. The default frequency is automatically set to the recommended days’ supply, but shoppers can edit that selection themselves.
  • Customers can check out with a mixed cart on the initial order with AutoShip and non-AutoShip items. For example: a customer can add 3 products to the cart with only 1 product selected for AutoShip. They still only go through the checkout process once. All 3 products are treated as a single order for payment and shipping on the initial order, but the next AutoShip order will only include the 1 AutoShip product they selected.
  • Any products selected as AutoShip receive the 5% discount, if the UFO portal has not opted out of the discount, even on the initial order.

We’ve made some truly exciting new enhancements for AutoShip on SHOP.COM and believe this will be a tremendous new feature for shoppers to utilize on Isotonix.com. With these great new features, AutoShip saves even more time and stress! Be sure to give this powerful feature a try today on SHOP.COM and Isotonix.com!

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