Are You Team Android or Team iPhone?

Google’s Android phones accounted for 28 percent of all smart phones  sold in the U.S exceeding Apple’s 21% share during the quarter, blackberry still leads its category with a 36 percent share. Google’s Android operating system continues to shake up the mobile industry moving and surpassing the iPhone to take the No.2 position among other smart phones operating systems based on the NPD Group, market research firm.

iPhone owners, are heavy users of apps and the mobile web while blackberry owners tend to use their devices primarily for business purposes. Android phones are more like iPhone users, they buy the device for personal, not business, use and focus on apps and the mobile web.

So which team are you on? Google Android or iPhone? I personally use both the Blackberry smartphone and Apple’s iPhone. Why not? They both serve functionality and personality. Why choose one when you can get both. What do you think?

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger