Apple iPad Contest Winner

Wow — it has been one extremely busy week. Voting closed this morning on my second giveaway on for an Apple iPad. After reviewing all of the results that came in, I left the selection of the winner up to YOU!

You all have voted — and the winner of the 32 GB Wi-Fi Apple iPad is…Rebekah McClain. Please email me at — and provide me with your mailing address.

Again, I want to personally congratulate Rebekah — along with everyone that entered. As an entrepreneur, taking a chance on things is something that you often must learn to do to succeed at business. Despite the little that we’ve known about the Apple iPad, she came up with the following answer as to why she should own an Apple iPad.

Rebekah’s Answer:

Hey JR, so in answer to your question I decided to do a little research on 3G. Living in Seattle I figured I knew a little about 3G and other wireless technology, but really? LTE, UMB, HSDPA, OFDMA, O-M-G! I haven’t seen this many acronyms since I was in the military! So let’s just build off what I know… I would definitely agree with you about the Wi-Fi model. 3G would be perfect for those who don’t care about the extra money, who hate using their handheld for internet access, or those constantly on the go who travel a LOT or in remote places (like camping) and need to access internet all the time. The convenience is definitely there with the 3G though, and you could do business WHEREVER you want! Although I personally would just take the Wi-Fi and eliminate the hassle of another bill. Unless you live like a hermit on the side of a mountain there is internet just about everywhere these days; unsecured networks, coffee houses, bars, the library, even McDonalds if you absolutely have to, and what’s better than doing business, having a beer and meeting people all at the same time! My personal favorite has to be Starbucks though, and not just because I’m from Seattle. In most cities across the US (and even in some small local areas) in any given 5 block radius and in EVERY airport you are almost guaranteed to find a Starbucks somewhere. And with JR’s company Market America as your friend, you can pay yourself to surf the internet and enjoy a coffee! Starbucks is one of their partner stores and as a preferred customer (completely free to do) you can buy or refill Starbucks gift cards earning cash back for yourself every coffee you buy, and if you have your own Market America site you earn points toward even more cash (so be sure to do this on my site *wink wink* 😉 On top of that, Starbucks offers a program for customers to earn free drinks. Every time you use your gift card to buy something you earn a star. When you accumulate so many you get free internet, and if you get a few more you get a free drink. That’s a total win win- pay less on your iPad, meet new people, pay yourself for internet and coffee, and look really, really smart doing so. I actually access my internet at local coffee shops (Starbucks included), bars, or my house, and only when I have to on my handheld (which is rather annoying). I meet lots of people when I go out for my internet from time to time, and like to hold my smaller business meetings at these quaint, local venues, but it’s also a pain to lug around my big ol’ lappy and tripping people up with my cord stretched across to the only available plug doesn’t always make me so popular, so an iPad would be an ideal solution (one) and make me look like a techie in the process (two). Everyone in Seattle loves a techie J, plus the iPad would be perfect for presentations and walk-throughs of my website and is very professional to boot (three). It also has the perfect screen for viewing the internet- smaller than most mini netbooks, but still able to view websites properly. It’s also loaded better than most mini netbooks with apps, a touchscreen, and is uber thin, lightweight and totally portable (so portable I’d probably bury it in my ginormous got-it-all-together purse). And yet again, Apple is a partner store through Market America. So if you’re not one of the lucky winners, why not make yourself lucky (and smart looking too)? Log onto my site (*wink, wink) or Market America’s main site, buy one for yourself, and pay yourself in the process!!! JR makes this stuff so easy…

Thanks again to everyone that entered, and continue reading my blog and checking it often for more giveaways, as I teach you the ways of becoming an entrepreneur…of being JR Ridinger.

Keep Growing!

JR Ridinger