Apple iPad Contest Finalists

I want to thank you for participating in “Apple iPad for your thoughts”. Reading all the answers about the importance of 3G with the Apple iPad was extremely helpful (and creative — some people even wrote poems! We experienced an overwhelming response unfortunately all of them could not be selected as a finalist. I compiled the Top 5 finalist. Please help me select the winner by clicking on the link at the bottom to cast your vote!

You will have until Friday at 9:00 A.M. May 28, 2010 EST to vote. * Please note the finalist are in no particular order:


Answer #1:

After reading your blog and looking at your needs with Apple’s iPad, I like to share some of my thoughts with you. I would like to address the main point (3G or Wi-fi Only) and a few of the additional points. Let me start by telling you how I would use the iPad. 1. 3G vs Wi-fi Only? Businesses need to be adaptable and flexible. The business’s success is directly correlated to how fast it can adapt and how flexible it can be with its operations and guidelines. Based on this model, 3G gives you the most flexibility. I understand that you travel a lot and that wi-fi is readily available. However, the 3G option is the backup plan; much like how MA is the Plan B to the 45 year plan. Advantages to 3G vs Wi-Fi Only: Options are great. While you have an iPhone and MacBook readily available, the iPad can replace the MacBook. It is much smaller and the touch-screen feature is really the way of the future. It also makes it much easier to sign up preferred customers than having to wait for your MacBook to boot up. The key here is that the iPad can simply load applications much quicker than the MacBook. Disadvantages to 3G vs Wi-Fi Only: There is an additional cost up front of $120 to upgrade to have 3G capabilities. Also, you have to sign up for the data plan. Additionaly, Wi-Fi is much faster than 3G in general and 3G should only be used if Wi-Fi is not available. However, just because Wi-Fi is available does NOT mean you can access it for free (addressed in the next point). My conclusion: Having the 3G feature is like having a backup plan. For some reason, if Wi-Fi is not available, you still have 3G. As a business owner of an online business, if you are not online every minute, your business is losing money. This alone is enough to outweigh the drawbacks of having to pay for the upgrade and the monthly data plan service. 2. Where do you primarily access the Internet from? I typically access the Internet from either my home, or a location with Wi-Fi, such as Starbucks, Peet’s Coffee, or my local library. From what I noticed, places like Starbucks have a requirement to access their Wi-Fi. For example, they require a purchase of their Starbucks card. This card is much like a pay-as-you go plan; you get to add a dollar amount and you can use the card on Starbucks purchases. At the same time, this card must be registered on their website. Then, in order to accumulate Wi-Fi time, you have to make certain amount of purchases, not dollar amount spent, in order to qualify Wi-Fi time. Let’s look at it in another way: If you are already making purchases at Starbucks in order to acquire their use of Wi-Fi, how is it any different than paying a monthly service fee for the 3G? Upgrade costs aside, there really is no difference as Starbucks requires constant purchases in order to accumulate Wi-Fi time. The 3G fee is a static monthly fee with unlimited data while Starbucks does not provide unlimited Wi-Fi time. 3. Three things I would use an Apple iPad for are… A. Showing the business plan. It’s a simple procedure of copying the business plan DVD, converting it through iTunes, and then syncing it with the iPad. B. Signing up Preferred Customers. The iPad comes with its own browser and the screen is much larger than the iPhone. This allows me to sign them up and showing them that MA is really at the technology front. Laptops are bulky and require booting up. Speed and time is what the iPad has and it’s well worth it. C. Making sales to Preferred Customers. Preferred customers can immediately purchase products through the iPad. It’s much better and faster than using the iPhone due to the much larger screen on the iPad. It allows products to be displayed fully instead of forcing customers to squint at it. The iPad would be strictly for business and to help grow my business. The iPad is merely a tool, and like any tool, what you get out of it is what you put in. What happens if the hotel does not provide Wi-Fi? Having the technology (3G) available is far more valuable than not having it because it can save me time and gives me access to my clients and business.


Answer #2:

I would prefer the wi-fi only model because the 4G is going to be out for public very soon. When I used 3G on a phone it was just barely fast enough for small maneuvers, if used on an iPad I would imagine it to be too slow for any real usage. I normally access internet from HotSpots such as Starbucks, some restaurants, and also libraries. Many places also have public wi-fi access to provide convenience to people and I would access the internet from such places as well. I would use the iPad for many things; however, the most important three things are as follow: 1. School and Education: with an iPad I would have added mobility to my college education. Normally I carry around my laptop to classes but the weight of the laptop combined with books is very unhealthy for my back. With an iPad’s extra light-weight, it would take much stress off my body! Also, an iPad would enable me to take notes much easier in class! 2. I can have a very convenient way of showing the Market America business to my friends and classmates! Since we are basically on campus 24/7 an iPad would give me the ability to show visuals, products, web portal, the business plan, etc. anywhere at any given time! Just imagine the amount of sales this would increase and the thought of it makes my blood boil in excitement! 3. I can read articles and publications on the iPad on the go! I am constantly trying to better myself by increasing my knowledge on many things and with an iPad I can access books everywhere! I can use it to read all the amazing Market America publications and articles! By doing so, I will gain more knowledge and power! As quoted in the Career Manual, “Knowledge is power; you must first obtain it, then use it.”


Answer #3:

Hey JR, so in answer to your question I decided to do a little research on 3G. Living in Seattle I figured I knew a little about 3G and other wireless technology, but really? LTE, UMB, HSDPA, OFDMA, O-M-G! I haven’t seen this many acronyms since I was in the military! So let’s just build off what I know… I would definitely agree with you about the wi-fi model. 3G would be perfect for those who don’t care about the extra money, who hate using their handheld for internet access, or those constantly on the go who travel a LOT or in remote places (like camping) and need to access internet all the time. The convenience is definitely there with the 3G though, and you could do business WHEREVER you want! Although I personally would just take the wi-fi and eliminate the hassle of another bill. Unless you live like a hermit on the side of a mountain there is internet just about everywhere these days; unsecured networks, coffee houses, bars, the library, even McDonalds if you absolutely have to, and what’s better than doing business, having a beer and meeting people all at the same time! My personal favorite has to be Starbucks though, and not just because I’m from Seattle. In most cities across the US (and even in some small local areas) in any given 5 block radius and in EVERY airport you are almost guaranteed to find a Starbucks somewhere. And with JR’s company Market America as your friend, you can pay yourself to surf the internet and enjoy a coffee! Starbucks is one of their partner stores and as a preferred customer (completely free to do) you can buy or refill Starbucks gift cards earning cash back for yourself every coffee you buy, and if you have your own Market America site you earn points toward even more cash (so be sure to do this on my site *wink wink* 😉 On top of that, Starbucks offers a program for customers to earn free drinks. Every time you use your gift card to buy something you earn a star. When you accumulate so many you get free internet, and if you get a few more you get a free drink. That’s a total win win- pay less on your ipad, meet new people, pay yourself for internet and coffee, and look really, really smart doing so. I actually access my internet at local coffee shops (Starbucks included), bars, or my house, and only when I have to on my handheld (which is rather annoying). I meet lots of people when I go out for my internet from time to time, and like to hold my smaller business meetings at these quaint, local venues, but it’s also a pain to lug around my big ol’ lappy and tripping people up with my cord stretched across to the only available plug doesn’t always make me so popular, so an ipad would be an ideal solution (one) and make me look like a techie in the process (two). Everyone in Seattle loves a techie J, plus the ipad would be perfect for presentations and walk-throughs of my website and is very professional to boot (three). It also has the perfect screen for viewing the internet- smaller than most mini netbooks, but still able to view websites properly. It’s also loaded better than most mini netbooks with apps, a touchscreen, and is uber thin, lightweight and totally portable (so portable I’d probably bury it in my gi-normous got-it-all-together purse). And yet again, Apple is a partner store through Market America. So if you’re not one of the lucky winners, why not make yourself lucky (and smart looking too)? Log onto my site (*wink, wink) or Market America’s main site, buy one for yourself, and pay yourself in the process!!! JR makes this stuff so easy…

Answer #4:

*** Personallly, I would prefer the 3G Ipad. Considering the industry we are in, the Wi-Fi version of the ipad would allow us to connect to the internet, but ONLY in locations that provide internet. However looking at the Ipad from a Business perspective, the 3G would be the best option. By getting the Ipad with 3G service, you can take your Ipad to every “client meeting” and with 3G, you can go just about anywhere to conduct a client presentation and use the 3g service to show them the products as well as out stores online,it does not limit your ability. As of now, most of our elder/older clients may not even have internet at all, so with 3g on the Ipad, you can do a whole lot more than the Wi-Fi Ipad… especially because you have internet everywhere you go with the 3G, which then allows you to conduct business ANYWHERE! The benefits of a 3G Ipad outweighs the service fees it’ll cost for an Ipad. Imagine the possibilities of showing every potential client our stores from an Ipad. Keeping in mind all Apple products are flawlessly designed, it’ll show a greater level of professionalism in our stores, services, and enterprise and show the world we are more technologically advanced than our competitors. As of now, I use my laptop to show our Isotonix and NutraMetrix products, and with an Ipad, I can offer my clients an entirely different experience. Where do you primarily access the Internet from? As of now, I primarily access the internet from my Home location (Wi-Fi) and on my Droid Phone. Three things you would use an Apple iPad for. a) Appointments/meetings/product demonstrations b) Advertising MA on Social Networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, Myspace…) c) Signing people up for the Ma Cashback Program.


Answer #5:

1) I would choose Wifi + 3G mode. When it comes to information, network, and business, the most important thing is Connection. wi-fi gives me a choice of a faster downloading method than 3G. As what I have learned from World conference this year, this age is no longer an age of Big to beat small, it’s an age of fast to beat slow. I want to win so I need the best advantage as much as possible. 3G would come in as the plan B, when Wi-fi is not available. But since 4G is coming on its way very soon, the optimal choice is not that far. 2) Where do I primarily access the internet from? My primary access is always my laptop. I would say it’s a paradigm shift (Learned from JR’s speech in the MP3). It’s never about where. It is about the capability to be online. The most powerful thing of the internet is that there are no binderies. When you’re on online, you’re connected to the world. “Where” is no longer a physical location any more, either you ARE online, or NOT, which is the true point. Where ever I have my laptop with me, I am on-line, primarily. My laptop is enabled with both wi-fi and 3g function. Three things I would use an Apple iPad for: Information, information, and information. We’re living in the age of information, the most critical thing for us nowadays is how to get accurate information as more as possible, and as soon as possible. 1. “The Information is behind the iPad.” The first thing I would do is to Use the iPad as a tool, a marketing tool, or a window to have a better understanding of Steven Jobs, of Apple, and of doing business. There’re so many critics out there firing at the iPad, apple, and Steven Job, but iPad just ignored all of them, and kept setting records in the history to finally shut those clawns up. It reminds me about market America’s unfranchise business. Although I’m new to the MA business, I’m in the business long enough to run into all the bumps and walls that every Market America unfranchise business owner would have been through. I also have witness the success among the company, and people from my organization step by step become more and more successful. What they did was just as we’d been always taught in the B5 training: To be successful in MA unfranchise business is very simple, duplication, just duplicate those who are success. 2. “The Information that iPad could lead to us.” I want to become successful, and I want to win this iPad. So now I duplicate what JR have just done. iPad is right now the most popular, fashionable product on the earth. Which gives it the most powerful and unique ablity of “attacting attention”, which is in another word, an opportunity of Marketing” or advertising. The first thing I would use an Apple iPad to do is that just like what JR is doing right now. I would use an iPad to start a “contest” for all my potential preferred customers, just like what JR did for us. Ask everyone to come to my portal, within a period of time, to register as my preferred customer, and to make an any amount of purchase through my portal, and tell me what do they like the portal the most, and why had they made the purchase, if they have the power to make some changes to the portal, what would be the most 3 things that they want to change. Then at the end of that time, I will give the iPad as a reward to the one who is voted as a winner. 3. “The information that iPad could lead us to the future.” As I mentioned above, iPad is in the lead of fashion, which could be a very good indicator of “the trend”, from many aspects. For example, just look at how much Apps in the iPhone. What are behind these apps are people/individual’s very unique interests. Based on how popular the apps are, we can identify how big the market is responding to these interests. Later on, more and more Apps will become available to the iPad just as same as to the iPhone. Not necessarily to “do” something with iPad, just playing with it, is a process to find out all kinds of trending information, and to find out what is “hot” for people, or on the market. I remember this since my very first UBP I learned about Market America’s business system: We following with the market trend and we don’t manufacture anything. iPad would be the best tool to generating information in order to detect the trending direction in the future. To implement market America’s vision and mission into using the apple iPad would make the iPad the best use of itself. Above are the 3 things I would/have done with an apple iPad.

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