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November 8th, 2011

An Amazing Shopping Experience

Here is another one of those fabulous testimonials that you just want to spread around and pass on. It validates that when you use it –it works. People really do want to save money and as a shop consultant and UFO you are in the best position to do exactly that! Everyone has to shop. So you better their lives with a Market America branded product and then help them shop. Show them how to get the best deals and get cash back. Don’t forget our powerful tools and benefits like: comparison shopping, hot deals, coupon matching , bar code scanner, shop box and YOU! You are the greatest app of all because you can be their guide and personal shopper! Read the testimonial below!

J Keep Growing,

JR Ridinger



Hi Dani, just wanted to share with you a result that my wife had in purchasing furniture from our web portal on Tuesday, Nov 1.  From the purchases she had made, my wife informed me she got $176.00 cash back and FREE shipping.  What’s even more amazing is that she didn’t know she had also created over 170 in IBV. WOW!  I love my wife.  She’ going to be my best preferred customer. LOL.  That is something to be excited about.  When was the last time this happened at a department store? or other online sites?  It’s not luck! It’ about being smart as to where you shop.  Change your buying habits NOW!!  Even if you are new at this.  And continue to share your amazing results with others. The more everyone shops from SHOP.COM the more leverage we will have and the financial benefit is a WIN WIN for ALL.



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