May 28th, 2012

A Very Special Motives Presentation in London Tonight

Tonight’s Motives Event at the beautiful Charing Cross Hotel in London was a huge hit – Loren, Natalia, and Andrew Weissman really rocked the house with their presentations! Renowned Make-up Artist Zukreat did an incredible job with the makeover, and even brought in a prospect of her own! The room was completely full – with a very engaged and interested crowd. The best part is everyone stayed late to follow up and network – which is what this is all about!


Tan and Gavin Westcarr had 20 people there and everyone got follow-ups. We actually had over 50 follow ups booked after the event – with meetings booked everyday throughout the week! That is how you make it happen!


Barbara Montgomery was on hand, and is building depth in her organization using the ABC pattern. Yardley Yang also had a great group there with a new power prospect and 3 people – there were nonstop follow ups! We even had twelve new power prospects we met via social searching – now that’s the true power of Social Media! Dana Galpern from Florida cross pollinated with five new people from social searching and he didn’t even have to go! You don’t have to live in the UK to build your business there!


Our next big event is this Thursday night at the Charing Cross Hotel in London – get your people there and start building your business in the UK today! We are red hot and rolling – let it rip, let it roar, let it out let it soar!

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