March 18th, 2020

A Special Message from JR Ridinger

My fellow UnFranchise Owners and the entire Market America Worldwide team, 

It is a time to be an opportunity thinker as well as a defensively aware survivor and even a superhero by not letting this get you mentally or physically or health wise. It shouldn’t harm any UFOs income-wise either because our business is designed for this and it can be an opportunity for those who think right and act on it!

It’s time for the Superman to come out of every Clark Kent and there is one in each of you.  This can set you back or put you ahead.  It is a time to check your self and reload and aim a little differently and adapt to the situation in order to succeed in a bigger way.  People prosper by solving problems. People get rich helping others solve problems or overcoming challenges with solutions.

We have the solutions and possibilities. Do you see the glass of water half empty or half full?  This situation is TEMPORARY. The business and residual income is permanent!  Occupy your mind with positive and creative programing!

Attract what you want in life & draw a white circle of protection around you.  We are safe together if we think together and focus on growing and helping people.  There are many ways to do that right now!

HERE ARE A FEW ARTICLES that have content which may be useful during this time. There is actually a lot of opportunity:

These are just a few that I saw this morning. What have you seen or found? Let’s share them!  I will post the ones I find each week. You can all be messaging positively. In that most people are not going into work and travel is restricted, there are a lot of opportunities that can be leveraged!

The obvious is that we are an online internet home shopping business and can help provide people what they need and order online and ship.  That is not only true of all MA products.  For instance – it can be as simple as wipes instead of toilet paper that everyone has mental diarrhea over. Providing a service to customers or family and finding things for them online and ordering for them can be a great service.  All of the Shopping Annuity Brand products and Super IBV are great options.

OK – you can’t eat out —that spells opportunity. What about Rastelli foods and home delivery options?  Knowing the solutions and sites is 50% of being good at it and of service. Everyone should try these things now as all of the normal excuses are on ice. There is a tremendous advantage and opportunity providing an online at home shopping or internet marketing service—AND YOU HAVE IT!

What about Health, staying healthy, bolstering the immune system and reducing inflammation and stress?  This is the opportunity in the problem. What an opportunity to service customers, prospects, family, relatives, friends, people at work. What about Isotonix Essentials Anti-Aging, OPC-3, ORAC, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Resveratrol, Immune, Prime Anti-Aging Nutraceuticals, Ultimate Aloe, Aloe Gel and alcohol home disinfectant concoction?

In addition to those above, look at our Isotonix Multi-vitamin 50 Plus for people over 50 and out Isotonix nutraMetrix Custom Cocktail for all ages? And don’t forget about Mitragyna Pro to help reduce anxiety and increase endurance amongst other things? Some of you really need to try it now.

Why don’t you think of some and share them with me so I can broadcast them? I really want to hear them and see your entrepreneurial creativity and opportunity thinking!

The business building and training opportunities are abounding and are sparkling in the mind like fireworks! It is positive, rational, creative, motivated, opportunity thinking.

This is a time to do all the things you have not done because everyone is busy and running around in circles.  We may be social distancing or isolating or even quarantining… 


Think about it!  First – understand the opportunity – you have a captive audience and we have communication digital tools and can stay connected and can do one on ones, texts, emails, videos, blogs, short video trainings, corings on line, Zoom, Skype, Face time, meetings (Counseling, Corings , trainings) showing the plan, HBPs UBPs, follow ups all from home and house to house digitally. 

Many of you never showed the plan to family members to see who they know or the evaluation process where you give them an offer to good refuse – RESIDUAL INCOME – for leading to the right people who will do trial runs. They may never do it the way is needed –but they could lead you to the right people and trial runs and benefit from the power of the plan and residual income where you ended up getting the people you needed to build with from them. What is wrong with that?

I would say Health Professionals should and will be all over this like never before. People are unsure and need reassurance and a call or recommendations and guidance goes a long way! You can even do online discussion groups, seminars, corings and immunity boosting sessions. People are looking for that right now! Just make sure you are not exposed and do not go out with people who are not socially distancing.

What about these:

  1. Health and Wellness or Immunity System seminars.
  2. Corings on the Themes and Evaluation Technique and practice live online with your team
  3. Sharing the digital education and credibility video-PowerPoint online live with them and then talking about the evaluation technique offering them if they lead to the right people getting credit and it could lead to residual income.  Team up with a partner to do it online together with a partner which makes a HUGE different. 
  4. We are in relationship marketing and solution marketing. You all have customers. Do you care?  Do you want them to know you care? We are in the PEOPLE business and have people power—Amazon doesn’t, stores do not – but you do!  Why not call every one of your customers this week and see how they are and offer to serve them in any way you can?
  5. Find an MLM person or former one and practice the lines on them and get them to set up a session with a top earner upstream or contact me on how to do it if you have one on the “hook” to reel them in.
  6. Practice showing the plan and rehearse the No Decision Close and follow up techniques. Get the script out. You will soon learn that on the phone or three ways, you can use your notes and script and they cannot see you and you sound brilliant! This is especially true if you have a partner agreeing with you and backing you up. You could literally be booked solid with follow ups and trial runs by the time this pandemic is under control with testing and a vaccine.
  7. Do three-way evaluation technique or method calls and book times to see it online two on one —when the pandemic starts to slow down or when it is over you will be red hot and rolling with a full schedule!
  8. Come on now—tell me why that won’t work or why you and every person on your team can do this!
  9. Run a contest to see who can do the most of these.  Send in the results—send them to me so we can recognize the winners and publicize it.
  10. What about all of the following things that result in learning, action and building confidence?
  • Learn the themes and answer to what is it and things people say when using the evaluation approach and LEARNING TO DANCE.
  • Learn how to show the plan by doing it with each other.
  • Product corings – have the best people or experts do a product a week.
  • Online corings – each week watch a short video or lesson from World Conference or another favorite, watch it together and have a discussion group and questions and answers.
  • Send out PowerPoints and videos and have people watch them, comment and then have a conference call with the best ideas.
  • Watch the World Conference videos, and everyone share it with someone and write what they got out of it.
  • Recontact people that were in 1 to 5 years ago and see how they are and if things have changed and if they want to try the evaluation approach again.
  • DO an ‘Organizational chart’ with the critical info that JR says is needed to figure out how to get them to the next level and set up a time to do an action plan or strategic plan with a top senior partner, Advisory Council member or an Executive Sales team member.
  • DO the Shopping Annuity assessment with new people or group online and identify 25 to 50 products that can be ordered without stockpiling (run out every 3 months to hit SAMM). 8 SAMMS (4 PER leg) automatically an IBV check per quarter! Then work on it to get it to a month.
  • While home, order and try some Rastelli foods to enjoy with your family.


I will be doing weekly or biweekly live broadcast training and addressing these topics and more, the first will be scheduled this week and be all about Residual Income. Residual income becomes a real focal point and people get it more than ever when you discuss it or use it as the centerpiece of a conversation. You have it and no one else does unless they are privileged or already rich.

Keep Growing.

I believe in you!

JR Ridinger


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