February 20th, 2013

A Special Letter from Conquer CEO, Amanda Ridinger

One of the highlights of this year’s World Conference was all of the incredible performances at the event by some extremely talented artists from Conquer Entertainment.   Conquer is changing the music industry, empowering entrepreneurs and artists alike. Please take a moment to read as very special message from Conquer Entertainment CEO, Amanda Ridinger:


On behalf of Conquer Entertainment, I’d like to thank you for your ever growing support. Market America World Conference 2013 proved to be a milestone for many of us at Conquer Entertainment including Conquer performing artists Chad Hollister, Carmen Magro, Sonnet Simmons and National Anthem singer Jeneen Terrana.


Chad Hollister is a folk rock, Vermont based artist who has been touring all over the world for more than 10 years. He has opened for well-known acts such as Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Tom Petty and has jammed with countless heroes from Blues Traveler to Giovanni Hidalgo and more. His amazing and relentless energy continues to captivate audiences just as it did during world conference getting every single person up and out of their seats. GetConquer.com/ChadHollisterBand


Carmen Magro is an American Rock artist based out of Pennsylvania whose recent music journey has led him to the loving story of a young girl and her twin sister who gives undivided care to her sick sibling. This story of hope and love is the inspiration behind his single ‘I Am Hope’ offered exclusively through Conquer Entertainment. Proceeds raised from every download of the song are going to the Livy’s Hope organization in honor of Olivia Scheinman, her sister Hailey and their family.GetConquer.com/CarmenMagro


Carmen is donating 100% of all the sales of ‘I Am Hope’ to Livy’s Hope Download ‘I Am Hope’ here: http://bit.ly/CMIAmHope


Sonnet Simmons is a combination of Gwen Stefani’s electro pop beats interwoven with Fiona Apple’s lyrical aptitude and Sara Bareilles’ piano styling. She is an ascending singer-songwriter who first captivated national audiences with her song, “You’re So Good for Me,” which was featured in a Coca Cola/Lagoon Park campaign, hitting the Top 100 downloads list for Amazon, appearing on i-Tunes, and garnering over 40K downloads in its first month. GetConquer.com/SonnetMusic


Jeneen Terrana is a folk pop, NY based artist whose love for music and baking has been the fuel for funding her latest project “See The Light”. Launching a new online talk/baking show out of Queens, NY called JT’s Artist Oven, her efforts have led to a recent feature on Food Network’s “Home Made in America with Sunny Anderson”.GetConquer.com/Jeneen


I’d like to invite you to take part in this next step of our journey. We encourage you to visit their direct portals and download a song. In doing this you will be supporting each of their causes as well as their craft and inspire Market America distributors to do the same.


Music is the perfect connector, the segue to attracting people to our Unfranchise Business and to Conquer Entertainment. We would appreciate in our effort to gain field support that you take the time to send this communication out to your leaders so they may enjoy and share throughout their organization. Your part in furthering our music ultimately stimulates attraction to your business and your portals, a win-win for everyone. Let’s spread the word and change the world one download at a time!


Visit your very own music portal at: www.getconquer.com/usa-yourportalname and purchase a song from one of these very special artist.


(Please remember that your purchase of the artist download on their site will be credited to your account by simply entering your Personal Preferred Customer number upon the purchase.)


If you missed any of their performances during MAWC2013:


Carmen I Am Hope: http://youtu.be/I6PiK4jlhBA

Chad Hollister: http://youtu.be/993ZYDHBBHI

Sonnet Simmons: http://youtu.be/ebCi_xa6U8I

Jeneen: http://youtu.be/cdlcUWemzQs


Thank you very much for your continued support

Amanda Ridinger, CEO Conquer Entertainment

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