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November 2nd, 2011

A Letter to the Next Generation of Pioneers

A few days ago I came across this wonderful article, which was written by a blogger named Jude Jagger. In this article, Jude discusses the various challenges facing the next generation, and the need to make a difference in the world. I felt compelled to comment on his article, and I would like to share these comments with you…


In regard to this I couldn’t agree more. The obvious and important things have already been said. The altruistic, spiritual and growth of consciousness and unified purpose can’t be emphasized enough and I applaud your efforts to communicate it.  I would like to spend a moment however in my comment and address it from a different perspective.  Your article/post is largely about making a difference. The passing of Steve Jobs created a chatter over many of the things he taught the world or implemented through his example and it is worth taking time to look at some of the edicts that he espoused and exemplified that flooded the web and media.  Remember, however that he started changing the world before he was even was 20 building computer in his garage with Steve Wozniak. It’s worth listening to his infamous Stanford speech: Stay Foolish and Hungry. Actually that is the key to staying young. In that speech he said that the greatest thing God invented was death. We are here for a short time. No one gets out alive and no one even wants to die to go to heaven. The reason he acclaims this is that it makes way for new thinking. Wow! As morbid as it is it is true.

So in our time here, it’s about making a mark and making a difference. It is your turn at bat, or to take the spotlight. You must succeed so that others can realize their dreams. Dream big and think big because you will never be bigger than your thoughts. Idealism, visions, dreams, and hopes for a better world have power when you are passionate. People will join a passionate visionary because they want to be part of a cause that makes the world a better place. Do not use the excuse that it doesn’t exist or that no one agrees or understands. Paradigms are paradigms because that’s just the way it has been and people don’t think. But when there is a better idea or way a paradigm shift will eventually occur because the old way no longer makes sense. Then people don’t want to live without it.  Whether it be world peace, extinguishing, hunger or creating economic equality it is true. Create a better way and get people to adopt a belief or a movement and eventually things will change. The internet becomes a way of life, a blackberry a crack berry. An iPhone a magic application machine that can do anything, Google becomes a verb (who goes to the library to research?) and GPS becomes a talking map and virtual guide.


The typical response or thinking in regard to this is how can I possibly make a difference?  I have little influence, power, or money. Neither did Jobs, Zuckerberg, Gates, Gandhi, Mandela, or ML King when they first started. Their vision created or attracted the influence, power and money, or whatever was necessary. They didn’t know where it would come from but they believed passionately in their vision. Now think about this, the Internet and social media changes everything. I submit to you that cyberspace is a new world without countries, boundaries, ideologies, politics or governments. It transcends it all and allows ‘like thinkers’ to join together and allows total freedom of expression even in a totalitarian country. Governments have been collapsed overnight because of it.  It levels the playing field. You can compete with fortune 500 companies; you can have a louder or more influential voice than a government.   You can even attract the right people that you would otherwise never find in a life time.

I believe that the major problems in the world of terrorism and deprivation are basically economic. If people are no longer deprived and can support themselves everything changes and governments or ideologies can no longer control them.  Hope and economic stability changes people and communities and anything becomes possible. It is liberating and empowering.  So for example in binary exponential expansion if 2 lead or influence or engage 2 others who do the same so that 2x2x2x2x2x2 x2x2x2 all of sudden after it repeats 21 times you are millions and if you have an economic exchange providing what each other needs you have your own economic ecosystem. It is global and connected in cyberspace and people to people. Language is not even a barrier any longer.  Who will take arms against their brother or economic partner in another country when they are making money together? They are not going to “shoot” or kill their check. This is just one of many applications or examples of this principle. Call it viral if you like and it is contagious in a positive sense…


Can we make a difference? Consider the citizen who is a pillar of a resort community who would take a walk daily on the beach. One morning on this routine walk, there was mercury tide and the water was receding rapidly stranding tens of thousands of star fish on the beach to die in the hot sun. The man saw a young boy off in the distance throwing one star fish at a time back in the water one at a time. He caught up to him and asked why he was doing it. The boy explained that he was saving them (the star fish)!  The observer exclaimed: “What difference does it make – there are ten thousand of them!” The boy’s response was to reach down and toss another one in and he said: “It made a difference for that one and repeated the exercise over repeatedly chanting that “it made a difference for that one, and that one, and that one………..”


We can change the world one person at a time and when we duplicate the effort by influencing others it can happen quickly!

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