May 8th, 2012

A Great Meeting with the Spanish Dream Team

We had an incredible time last night with Ruben Jara and his fiancé’ Luz (her birthday) of the Spanish Dream team at Casa Tua  in Miami, reviewing their strategy and progress in penetrating Mexico, the US Hispanic market, UK and Spain, as well as the Global Spanish Market.


Their team has 10 to 15 years of experience and is comprised of full time professionals.  Fernando Gonzalez, their team leader, has gone to Mexico to lay the ground work for the launch and to begin recruiting. Ruben will join him later this week while Luz goes to Colombia to plant seeds of growth. Of course, Maria and Roberto Solis under Cindy Samuelson are also leading the Mexican charge!


German and Sylvia Paez (Professional Coordinators and top Motives trainer) are working with the Spanish dream Team and other Spanish leaders to train Colombian Motives consultants in the US for the future seeding of Colombia – where Motives is already well known! German has joined the Market America Executive Sales team to assist the Spanish leaders in the US, Mexico, UK, Spain and in the future – South America.


The world is discovering Market America and is seeking us out. We are getting ready for the world and embrace the Latino world community! We are the perfect combination!

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