A Global Opportunity: Celebrating Market Singapore’s 5th Anniversary

The global growth of our company is a testament to our incredible business model and the fact that it reverberates with entrepreneurs around the world. This year marked the 5th anniversary of Market Singapore – something we celebrate together with our global UnFranchise family.

I recently received a tremendous message from Market Singapore UnFranchise Owner Liyen Ho, who paints a picture of progress and accomplishment for Market Singapore after 5 great years of growth. I’ve included her inspirational message below, along with some images of the people who are making it happen and building the business here in this vibrant market in southeast Asia.

This is a testament to the global power of the UnFranchise and the fact our business really is a golden opportunity! Thanks to Liyen for sharing your thoughts – and thank you for believing in me! 

Message from Liyen Ho:

Dear JR 

We just celebrated our 5th Anniversary in Market Singapore last night.

This would not have happened without Loren saying yes to Amber’s suggestion that we could have this possibility.  I’m forever grateful to these two beautiful women in your life who believed in me and gave us this amazing opportunity.  Without your vision of course, we would never be where we are today.  Indeed, one man’s dream can change the entire world!  Thank you to you, Marc, Dennis, Joe and everyone who helped make this happen; and also, to Jojo Soh and her team who makes our invaluable asset!  

Each time I make a business presentation, I would show the 8 flags being displayed at the beginning of each USA Convention. I get emotional each time I see it. How would a small country like Singapore deserve such a privilege of being in the Market America family!  I would then tell the audience of business owners, as well as our guests, that they should look at it, and seriously consider, and not let such a golden opportunity slip them by.

We may not be very big, but what I believe is that we are the hub in South-east Asia, which would then expand outwards to our neighbouring countries, and provide a strong financial centre for our business. From Singapore, we have moved to Malaysia, and then onto Thailand and also Indonesia.  This will make such a dynamic trio for a start!

Thank you for believing in us, and I’m sending you some pictures from my personal album for your viewing.

Eternally grateful,

Liyen Ho