February 29th, 2012

A Full House

This is fantastic! Internet trainer TK Wu held two Cashback UMO’s in LA – and as you can see from the pictures – it was a full house.  Everyone here was excited about the second phase of the Shop.com expansion, and realized the amazing potential with Alice.com. Getting paid to shop for your daily consumables is just a huge game-changer.


Market America Leaders and awake UFO’s who want to grow: See this? This is play #3 from convention.  They get it and are in the game to win with me.  Alice.com and the on line shopping list and Transfer buying are game changers and create a SHOPPING ANNUITY!


Congratulations TK Wu, Marian Kuo, Vikki Lee, Nina Hale & Roger Winners! What are you doing?  Shouldn’t you and your group be doing one of these this month? See pictures (worth a 10000 words) and read below. They have the BV Lake and the IBV Ocean. Everyone buys everything at shop.com on transfer buying and saves money while creating weekly residual income. These people are doing it. Are you? Are they smarter than you?


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