April 11th, 2012

A Big Night with Alejandro Sanz and the Spanish Dream Team

Loren and I had an incredible meeting with the Spanish Dream Team and UFO Alejandro Sanz & Raquel. The group represents an organization and following of 30,000 people joining Market America in Miami for a month of building and training!


Here’s a great shot of Alejandro presenting us with the Grammy medal for the album Paradise Express and Looking for Paradise.


We were completely blown away. Ale is our best friend and we experienced the making of this song and album – but we never expected this. We were so humbled and honored!



One Response to A Big Night with Alejandro Sanz and the Spanish Dream Team

  1. Desde España esperamos y deseamos un nuevo regalo por parte de JR & LOREN RIDINGER y que en la presentación oficial de MARKET ESPAÑA (inminente) nos sorprendan con la presencia y apadrinamiento del mejor embajador de España: ALEJANDRO SANZ & RAQUEL PERERA y que podamos disfrutar de nuestros senior partner ese día


    From Spain we expect and hope a new gift from JR & LOREN RIDINGER and the official launch of MARKET SPAIN (imminent) surprised us with the presence and sponsorship of the best ambassador of Spain: ALEJANDRO SANZ & RAQUEL PERERA and we can enjoy our senior partner that day

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