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June 22nd, 2010

5 Facebook Business Tips

5 Facebook Business Tips*above James Ridinger Fan Page Which Do I Choose? A profile page or fan page?

If you are a business, you are a page. Do not set up a personal profile o r a group. Pages are by far the best for business. A personal profile will limit you to 5,000 friends and for some reason few people know this. Theres a bunch of business, that I notice are nearing the 5000 limit. Once they hit that they can’t add anymore.

So from a marketing perspective this is a massive problem. All the time invested in FB could go to waste. You’re now limited with what options to choose from. You can either  start again from scratch with a business profile, and notify your ‘friends’ of the new page, or set up a second profile, as the local pub have done, which could be misleading and it could mean updating multiple profiles. If you move from a personal profile to a business one make sure you delete the old profile once you have notified your existing fans. Having multiple business and personal profiles will just confuse future friends / fans.


Make Your Profile Page Unique. They all look the same.

Due to a complete lack of personalisation. Businesses are rushing to be on Facebook but marketing a business is about standing out from the crowd. You wouldnt take out an ad in a newspaper that is a carbon copy of a competitor’s advert would you? So why have the exact same profile as other businesses on Facebook? A little bit of personalisation can go a long way. And just how can this be done on FB? This can start by adding a unique image of yourself as your profile image. In the example below Andrew Weissman’s fan page gives it a little edge and identity compared to your average profile photos. Get creative!

5 Facebook Business Tips 2

Add Your Logo or Your Company’s product

By adding  your company’s logo or brand image, you are now giving identity to your product that your consumers can engage to. See below for an example from Loren Jewels fan page.

5 Facebook Business Tips 3

Yes get your own facebook vanity URL. They have been available since last summer just log in as the page admin and go to this link http:/


It’s All About Content- What Should I Write About?

So you want to post regular (but not too regular) the only problem is that you dont know what to say. Well first dont be too pushy, it reads bad, and can be off putting in a desperate kind of way for fans. But a way of conceptualising what to post is like this. Think of your facebook page like a magazine and your fans are your readers. Your fans like your page because they have an interest in what it is you do so expand on that. You sell clothes – your readers have an interest in fashion, a restaurant – an interest in food, a hotel – an interest in travel and local tourism… There’s entire industries based around these so coming up with content shouldn’t be too hard. Yes in the beginning it will be hard, but once you get a grasp it will flow. Not only should you be looking externally, but also look internally, look at the people and processes that make up your business is there a way of bringing those to the fore? (UPDATE) A really good example of a brand with nothing to say but goes about it in a great way is Coca Cola, yes it might be the biggest brand in the world, but what can they say about Coke that we already don’t know about? Their posts revolve around the concept of Coke = Happiness and bring in everything from random thoughts, to Coke history, to examples of their marketing, to videos about the guys who set up the page (they weren’t employees at the time) to fan tattoo’s!  See their profile here, although you may need to wade through a lot of fan posts to get to the posts from Coke


Something New Something Fresh

Thats almost my marketing motto – look for a different way of saying the something. You might be fortunate enough to have a business that is easy to generate content for eg. a music venue. But not everyone is fortunate to have a business that is a natural fit to social media. In order to rise above the clutter how about trying competitions, promotions, video, photos or even quiz’s to engage the audience? But try to focus on engagement. For example a competition to launch a new product – try and get your fans to come up with a marketing tagline for the product. This will help get fans onside, interested in the product and entered into a competition, and for the page it means the fans are creating new and unique content for your other readers to read and maybe even comment on. Such engagement wouldn’t happen if the competition winner was just selected randomly. So make the most out of how you engage.


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