September 11th, 2019

4Ws Goal Chart & Business Building Tips from Loren Ridinger

It’s been around a month since MAIC2019 and even though this empowering event has come and gone – you can still learn from it! If you were at MAIC2019 or are following the message and new mindset; and you want to get on board and start fresh you should begin by doing the process that Loren spoke about.     

That is the beginning of the new imprinting and process of becoming geese that will form a V-procession to take off with Residual Income! The PowerPoint and charts below will help clarify and explain what you need to know! This is a useful exercise to do yourself, share with your group and personally do with your key people, team in coring’s, and all newly hatched goslings. 

Then there is the list of 100 acquaintances which will be used to design evaluation approaches for each and to do 2 a week for 52 weeks & report the results weekly and get coaching or help if needed. Frankly, you either have it or not and if you do not and don’t immediately create it, then you cannot possibly be in this game. 

These are both part of the 5 simple & clear steps or exercises and tasks that MUST BE DONE WEEKLY, in order to start the process & pattern and to be part of this.  It is impossible to leave the chicken coop or duck life and become a goose and IMPRINT the process without doing these things!

Yes, there are other things that become important or relevant, but nothing happens without this happening FIRST! I hope this helps you get started now!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger 

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