July 28th, 2017

25 Years of Entrepreneurial Success: JR’s Message to UnFranchise Owners

I am personally disappointed, if not devastated, by the recent discovery of some UnFranchise® Owners (UFOs) who were “beating the system” with unscrupulous prohibited methods and systems hidden from Market America to fraudulently force invalid commissions. After 25 years of building something that is pure, great and honest — that so many people have benefited from and has had an impeccable reputation in the public, media and regulatory community  — I thought we could go in to our 25th year celebrating and rejoicing in our collective accomplishments.

While most companies are gone, have faded and/or are no longer relevant, Market America is healthy at 25, and the future is bright. We are truly leading the parade. Our economic standing, Company, UnFranchise® Business System and field health appeared to be stellar, even perfect, up until now.

Then we wake up one morning and find that we have a malignant cancer that is rapidly spreading and will kill us if it is not cut out and irradiated. Unfortunately, some UFOs have taken the things we have done to make the UnFranchise Business and the Management Performance Compensation Plan (MPCP) better and easier and used those “improvements” to manipulate the Plan and beat the system. The analogy of cancer is not an exaggeration or hyperbole; it is 100% accurate and on point. Isotonix OPC- 3® alone won’t stop this monster. All the good things and health we have enjoyed doesn’t matter when you have malignant terminal cancer.

The problem is that cancer kills the body (the UnFranchise Business), first by causing physiological and metabolic processes to go haywire and out of control or balance. In our case, this is the Plan, MPCP and UnFranchise Business Development System. Then it spreads rapidly. When one group does this secretly, there are no outward signs of the cancer for a while as it grows. But other groups that learn about it feel they have to cross the line too in order to be competitive. The up-line does nothing to detect it or bring it to us, and they economically benefit from it, while the MPCP and Company slowly become unhealthy. The Company loses money on all of this volume.

There is an old street code of never snitching, and in certain cultures or social circles, it overrides integrity, logic or longevity. However, it threatens the entire enterprise. But what if a robber was in your own house stealing? You would do nothing about it? I ask because that is actually exactly what is happening from these subversive, unscrupulous UFOs, and it results in the boomerang effect. The cancer is spreading now and causing the MPCP to become, at some point, unstable and out of control, thus threatening the Company’s life and every UFO’s residual income. It is equivalent to biology, where the parasite kills the host to its own demise, too.  It requires radical treatment and cannot wait. Understand that when you see us doing things to eliminate the cancer, the problem, it must be done in order to tighten up and save the MPCP, the Company and thousands of UFOs. If it appears to be a necessary inconvenience or hardship in building the business — blame it on those who caused it! We are protecting everyone’s interest. The other question, which I can’t do much about, is: “What will YOU do about it?”

Everyone who becomes an UnFranchise Owner agrees in the Independent UnFranchise Owner Application & Agreement (IUA&A) to follow the UnFranchise Business System, best practices, rules, policies and procedures. But do they? Or do they have their own deviant system?

In my last communication, I explained exactly how the MPCP works and how provisions and processes are tied systemically to advancement or compensation in the MPCP, requiring retail sales volume in order to accumulate volume or earn commissions. The article “The UnFranchise System: Three Reasons Why Requirements Work” addressed how the Market America MPCP is designed and operates with built-in provisions, checks and balances; it is tied to advancement and compensation to prevent abuse and to ensure regulatory compliance. Mathematically, it is self-reconciling and documents that commissions are based on retail sales or consumption by the end user. It is even designed to assure that there is no misrepresentation through the required trainings and requirements to attend New UnFranchise Owner Training (NUOT), Executive Coordinator Certification Trainings (ECCT), etc. in order to earn. Make sure you understand it!

Because of this unexpected cancer and methods to beat the system, we will have to treat the problem aggressively with detection protocols, enforcement action and security measures. When you see things like this put in place, understand that it is what we have to do to prevent the MPCP from being affected by these cancerous manipulations. It is to protect the longevity and profitability of the UnFranchise Business, Shopping Annuity, and MPCP, as well as residual income for all UFOs. If we are united in this effort it will be a great 25th anniversary, and we will have a clean bill of health for the next 25 years! That is a reason to celebrate!

Keep Growing,

JR Ridinger




2 Responses to 25 Years of Entrepreneurial Success: JR’s Message to UnFranchise Owners

  1. JR I have been in the business since 2001 and I have left to try other companies and one thing I am proud of is that I never ever stole anyone from Market America in my line or anyone’s to benefit me… I am so happy that you all are strict with the rules and regulations so we can have a future with your company… Yes there are people who are greedy and I did report long time ago abt a wrongdoing of one person and you all took it seriously and handled the problem…You Loren and the entire corporate team are awesome!!! I believe you do in your heart want all of us to succeed… I thank you JR and Loren… I love you ❤️

  2. Jocelynn and Mike Grinage says:

    Thank you JR and Loren. We will do everything in our power to protect the company! We love Market America and we appreciate everything you do for us!

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